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    Strike At Karkand

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    One of the most popular maps from Battlefield 2, Strike At Karkand is an intense firefight within the streets of Karkand between the MEC and the US.

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    Map Description

    On this map the US have 3 uncappable control points. If the US does not capture one of the MEC's control points the US's tickets slowly decrease. As such it is important for the US to capture atleast one of the cappable control points from the MEC soon after the round starts. 
    On the 32, 64 person versions of this map it is a popular tactic for a US squad to go around the west edge of the map, over the hill in order to capture Suburb (point furthest northwest). It is also possible for US troops to jump over the ledge to the east of Square and walk along the edge of the red border to get to Train Accident or cross the water the get to the island. Any of these tactics (capping Suburb, Train Accident or a point on the island) are important especially when MEC is very good at defending Square (the point closest to the US uncappable points). 
    On all sizes of the map, the US UAV is located at the gas station in the very south. The artillery is located behind the uncappable US points. 
    For MEC, on the 16 person map the UAV and artillery is located behind Market. On the 32 person map they are located at Gatehouse. On the 64 person map they are located at Factory. 
    On the 32 person map, sometimes a stalemate can ensue if US captures all of the points on the main land, and MEC is only left with Gatehouse (the northernmost point). When this happens sometimes the game with turn into a battle of attrition if neither team makes a meaningful push across the river or the bridge to capture a point. It is possible to destroy the bridge with a Spec Ops' C4 which forces units to either walk across the shallow water just south of the bridge or to swim across the water that the bridge covered. You cannot fire your gun while swimming leaving the swimmer vulnerable, making it harder to push across, thus lengthening the stalemate.

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