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Strike Gunner S.T.G is a two player shoot 'em up that offers fifteen (ten in the Arcade version) different power-ups and hordes of enemies to fight through. In two-player modes it's possible to combine both players' ships to create a larger, more powerful craft. There are eight stages, each with their own boss. The ultimate goal is to save Earth from alien invaders by using their own technology against them.

Strike Gunner S.T.G was originally released in the arcades by Tecmo. The original developers, Athena, would go on to publish the home version for the Super Famicom in their native Japan. This SNES version would also be published in the US by NTVIC and in Europe by Activision. The European version was renamed Super Strike Gunner, but is otherwise identical.

Critical Reception

The SNES version of the game was awarded the following scores from Electronic Gaming Monthly: 4,7,6,7. From the review, "... A solid shooter with nothing really new or exciting. Lots of enemies to blow away but let too many on the screen and the game slows down".

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