New game by doulesix

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#1 Posted by MrXD (267 posts) -

Today recently, I saw a news about a mecha game called Strike Suit Zero by doublesix. Not much information about the game itself but doublesix released this teaser video couple days ago.

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#2 Posted by ansys (93 posts) -

Check out the video from Rezzed:

I love this game.

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#3 Posted by Bollard (7877 posts) -

People who have been looking for a new space flight combat game might be well served by this.

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#4 Posted by TheHT (15089 posts) -

So this is supposed to come out next week wednesday. There's a deal in Green Man Gaming to get a Steam code for the game for 25% off if you use "GMG25-XTYYZ-POSL1" when pre-purchasing.

I only noticed this game a few weeks ago looking at the "New Games" section here, but the more I've seen of it the cooler it looks. I probably won't be pre-purchasing, but will definitely be following the release to try and figure if it's for me or not.

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#5 Posted by riostarwind (1282 posts) -

Although the normal flight seems like a space sim the robot suit part reminds me of Cybernator on the SNES. With that alone I think i'm going to go ahead and pick it up on GMG.

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#6 Posted by juice8367 (476 posts) -

Oh wow almost forgot that its comming this week. I remember Kickstarting this one.

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#7 Posted by xxizzypop (665 posts) -

I almost bought this as a knee jerk reaction, but I want to see the quicklook go up before I do.

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#8 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

I hadn't heard of doublesix before and in trying to remember something I never knew about in the first place, I thought of slantsix and immediately became upset. After I realized my mistake and I went to the images on the wiki and OH MY GOSH IT IS SO PRETTY AND HAS SPACE MECHS AND I THINK THIS GAME WAS MADE FOR ME!

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#9 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -
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#10 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

Really curious about this one, hope we get a QL before release or I might just have to jump in "blind".

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#11 Posted by TheHT (15089 posts) -

@jozzy: quick look is scheduled to be up tomorrow.

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#12 Posted by henry1989929 (27 posts) -

@ansys: wow,it seems cool. i like it. hah!~ thanks .

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#13 Posted by Hawkerace (304 posts) -

Unsure of this, probably will get it in the sale when the time is appropriate.

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#14 Posted by Reisz (1623 posts) -

This reminds me of the game I wanted Omega Boost to be, god damn did I ever enjoy me some Mechas in space. I'm not planning on buying anything 'til my backlog is complete but this is going on the list for sure.

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#15 Posted by TheHT (15089 posts) -

After looking around to see if this was worth buying, I decided to bite the bullet and get this. It's really fun!

I dunno if it's just that I haven't played a space sim or a space shooter in a long time (The Old Republic's space sequences don't count) but the dogfighting is really fast and frantic but never confusing, and the movement is responsive enough for me to keep up with multiple enemies. Granted I've only played the first two missions, but it's made a great impression on me.

My biggest gripe is replayability. Apparently the biggest hook there is getting medals and performance upgrades from doing better in the levels, but co-op or a level editor (or even just a mission/skirmish creation option) would've be real nice. But at 16 bucks I figured what was there would be good enough.

Oddly enough the thing that drew me in to this game was the whole Macross mech thing, but the more I looked at it the more I just really wanted to play a space shooter. I dunno how much of a sim this is really, after seeing things like Evochron Mercenary this reminds me more of a Rogue Squadron type deal but stil not quite as arcadey as that.

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