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Strike Suit Zero is a decent game, with a visually pleasing look and some fast combat. 0

Strike Suit Zero is another successful Kickstarter project that was funded back in November of 2012. The developers used the Kickstarter platform to tap into a field that has somewhat been forgotten on the PC: the space combat genre. We are talking years here, with Freelancer being the last game I can remember playing that I fully enjoyed. Unlike Freelancer, though, Strike Suit Zero is purely about combat, combining two things most people love about sci-fi – spaceships and giant transforming ro...

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Dean Cleans Off His Steam List - Strike Suit Zero 0

Time for another genre that I haven't been much exposed to - the spaceflight sim. I know that when I was young and had an NES and not much else that other kids had fancy PCs with Wing Commander and X-Wing and other first-person games with black backgrounds. Strike Suit Zero appears to be designed on the concept that we haven't had many of those games lately and deserve a new one. Long hours at work stopped me from playing this one as much as I'd have liked, but here's a story.At the beginning of...

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Strike Suit Zero Review 0

Another day, another Kickstarter. This time it’s Born Ready Games and their first foray into the space combat genre with single-player-fighter-turns-into-mech game: Strike Suit Zero. Raising $174,804 with the goal of $100,000 and achieving the stretch goal of mod tools, Strike Suit Zero is another shining example of what crowd funding can do for small time developers. Strike Suit Zero—or SSZ—is a space combat game similar to classics like Tie Fighter and the Wing Commander seri...

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