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    Strikey Sisters

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 01, 2017

    Co-op pixel art brick breaking game. Someone has stolen Elene's beloved pet Sachiro, and she and her sister Marie are determined to bring him home.

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    This game is a great hybrid of brick breaking and monster killing action. It's also it's biggest flaw.

    This game is both addicting and frustrating in the fact that you must clear out all of the bricks on a stage before you can kill all of the monsters. The monsters will just continue to re-spawn. You only get 3 life points before you lose and you must restart the level once you (and your sister in 2 player mode) are defeated. Thankfully, the restart of the levels is instant so it's easy to spend 15-30 minutes on a level without even thinking about it. It can also be frustrating in the fact that the game is a constant juggling act of keeping the "ball" alive, and dodging all the obstacles and enemy fire at the same time. The final boss in particular has been impossible for me. But if you master this system, it can be pretty satisfying.

    The game is a 2D pixel art game, but I love the look of it. If you told me this game was a remake of a SNES game I'd believe you. It's bright, colorful, and it's got some amusing cut scenes and voice acting. The story involves the sisters, Marie and Elene, having to rescue their pet. Their journey is presented in an over world map with different paths leading to different environments and enemies. The variety of the environments and enemies are pretty good, but all the stages will be the same loop of breaking all the bricks then killing all the enemies.

    This game was on sale on the eshop, and is on sale pretty often, so I would recommend waiting for that sale before buying it. Overall pretty fun, but can be pretty frustrating. I'll get you someday final boss (can't remember it's name)...

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