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    Stroggos is the home planet of the Strogg and the setting of Quake II, its expansion packs, and Quake 4.

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    Stroggos is the Strogg homeworld and the main battlefield in the human retaliation, code-named "Alien Overlord", against the Strogg invasion of Earth and its colonies.


    Stroggos's atmosphere is "harsh but breathable" for humans. Its arid landscape is mostly made up of canyons, mountains, and craters but there are plains areas as well. While generally dry, it does has swampy regions and at least one sea, along with various small bodies of water. These provide enough moisture for limited plant growth in the form of short grasses and mosses. Stroggos is a very geologically active planet causing lava-filled cracks to form in the ground. The Strogg sometimes used this available lava in their architectural design.

    Architectural Landscape

    Stroggos is populated with various cities, industrial areas, human processing facilities, mines, and military complexes. The capital city, Cerberon, is built into the crater named Crater Majoris. At the southern tip of Crater Majoris is another crater named Crater Minoris where the defense complex for Cerberon resides. Cerberon is defended from a ground attack by a wall of laser fences and air protection is provided by the Big Gun which detects and destroys any ship over a few meters in length. Strogg communications are handled through the Tetranode which sends orders, either digitally or telepathically, to individual Strogg after being decided by the giant brain known as the Nexus. Strogg civilization is powered by a bluish crystal called Steedium. Strogg industrial sites pollute the surrounding area, leaving deposits of hazardous waste that has caused mutations in local wildlife.


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