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    Strong Sad

    Character » appears in 7 games

    Strong Sad is the younger brother of Strong Bad and Strong Mad. As his name suggests, he is perpetually sad.

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    Strong Sad has a round grey body that makes the sound of an inflatable rubber ball when hit.  And it is hit often.  He also has elephantesque feet that he refers to as "soolnds."   His favorite band is Sloshy. 
    Strong Bad has quite a long list of offensive nicknames that he uses to taunt his brother, such as:  
    Weiner, Dairy Queen, Elephant Man, Miss July, Some Fat Girl, The Ghost of Christmas Suck, Polar Bear, Jurassic Dork, Frog Eggs, Thelonious Dump, Diaper Stripe, Trundle Bed, Biggest Wate of Dump, Double Bottom, Helvetica, The Lurker, DJ Dumpy Dump, My Dear Fatson, Harry Elephante', The Deathly Pallor, Ol' Greystoke, El Dumpo, Doughboy, Tendafoot, Dumpus, Elephants-gerald, Waste of Fat Space, The Fat Fisher-Price Guy, Obsessio Depressio, Dumpalumpa, Sir Dumpenheimer, Dumplo, Dumplestiltskin, etc.
    If you put a spoonful of Hoisin Sauce on his head, he will give you the exact temperature.


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