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Game I have been dreaming of.

This is the type of Rts Ive been dreaming about since I heard of them, I bought this game by fluke I went to the store to buy The lord of the rings rts but it was 50 dollars So I saw stronghold 2 and it was 20 dollars so i picked it up instead, The reason this is my dream rts is because Its a defensive rts you build your castle walls and you make weapons so you can hire soldiers or you can buy weapons by selling your apples or cheese or wood whatever extra resources you have you can sell and buy the resources you need. This game has a few glitches not game ruining glitches but theyr’e there. I couldn’t get into the online portion of the game because it took 10 minutes to set up a game and then the second someone figured out that they are going to lose they leave because its not ranked. Ive actually had this game for 2 years, Ive beat the single player a great experience. I highly recomend this game to anyone looking for a not too complex defensive rts Ive never played a game like it. I give it a 90% because its a ton of fun.

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