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Very similar to Stronghold 2 in terms of graphics and controls, Stronghold Legends iterates certain game play elements.

Legends brings factions to the Stronghold franchise with the forces of Good, Evil, and the neutral Ice each offering unique structures and units. Stock units have change from past Stronghold titles, most notably the replacement of spear men with men-at-arms, melee units with a recharging spear projectile.

Certain aspects of castle management have also changed. Law and Order systems, as introduced in Stronghold 2, have been removed along with many of the other small and annoying public service buildings that bogged down gameplay in Stronghold 2.

Legends is also notable for the unique, hero units found throughout the campaign. They represent characters from the story (based on mythological stories such as King Arthur and Vlad Dracula), have player-triggered superpowers and abilities, and in many campaign missions must be kept alive.

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