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Stuart Black started at Argonaut software as the assisting cutscene artist for Alien Odyssey. He then went on to work for Bullfrog where he was the lead artist on Populous: The Beginning. He's best known for his work as senior designer at Criterion games on Black. He also worked on arcade shooter Bodycount for Codemasters.

He admires Dave Jones and when asked by the french edition of PTOM how he got into video games, Black said:

I've always played a lot, both on consoles and computer. My first console was an Atari VCS. I must have been a teen at the time. I have excellent memories of playing Star Raiders. I played every single console: Spectrum, Amstrad, Amiga, PC Engine... I've always been a hardcore gamer, being able to play until I pass out!

In July 2010 it was announced that Black would be leaving his role as Creative Director on Bodycount.

Adrian Bolton, studio manager at Codemasters Studios Guildford offered the following statement

"Having created a great vision and direction for Bodycount, Stuart has decided to move on after three years with us. He will see out his design role until October and, through the transition period, will continue to work with the talented development team that will take the game through to completion."

In December 2010 Stuart Black was announced to work for City Interactive as a creative director for an upcoming WWII shooter (although is un-credited in game).


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