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Dated, shallow, but great co-op fun 0

Stubbs the Zombie is a tale of, well, a zombie apocalypse in the 1959-of-the-future, centered in the town of Punchbowl. One day, after having suffered some unfortunate incident while doing his traveling salesman work, Stubbs is brought back to life as a zombie. As he rampages violently through the city proper, and the neighboring region to some extent, he zombifies countless civilians, police, rednecks and whatnot, all in the pursuit of the apple of his eye, with a little revenge on the side.The...

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An appropriately mindless good time 0

Stubbs the Zombie in: Rebel Without a Pulse is a pretty good game from the last generation that was a bad buy back in the day, but a good deal in the modern era. It consists entirely of a campaign you can play through by yourself or in two player co-op, but that's all it needs, really. I played the XBox Originals version, which is an emulated version of the original XBox game played on an XBox 360.Story: The game begins without any setup whatsoever - a well-dressed zombie pops out of the ground ...

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Chow Down In Punchbowl 0

Stubbs the Zombie is a veeeerrry veery fun game. You get to be a zombie. Period.You can eat brains, hit people, tear off people's arms, posess people, unleash unholy flatulence, roll your head into a crowd of unwitting humans only to make it explode, and throw gut grenades. Go unleash your evil on the good citizens of punchbowl!Have you ever tried being a zombie? It is very fun... It's also made with the halo engine. Every time you get into a vehicle or posess a human with a gun, it's just like ...

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HD Video Review 0

[PC; 2005]Developed by Wideload Games [full credits]   In Stubbs the Zombie you play as the original zombie who spawns the zombie apocalypse in the land of Punchbowl, essentially creating your own undead ground zero.   Punchbowl is a retro-futurist vision resembling the life our grandparents thought we would be living.  Flying cars, robot tour guides, and escalators galore!  Confusingly, the story takes place in the 50s.  All you need to know though is that Stubbs is a zombie, and zombies love b...

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