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New Music on the horizons with DaForce

West Coast hip hop artist DaForce dawg enters the scene loudly with song loving a hustler, which I thought should have been spelt hustla.Force Dawg kicks a different style while collaborating with mr Crysto Klear for “Go Go Go,” a single from his upcoming album. You can clearly see they are doing their own thing and creating their own style. You do hear the spirits of other rappers trying to breath through daforce sometimes confusing us on what to expect from him. I found it interesting that he decided to do a collaboration with Curtis Dayne who does remind me of some one else, but can not for the life of me put my hands on who it is. After doing my research I realized why, Curtis who had worked with a popular producer named Jephte "ex live drummer" of Wyclef who has a unique style as-well. The joint effort produce a track called "The One" and in my opinion its kinda like a throw back to Too live crews style, at least musically speaking (Not lyrically) and the other version sounds like some kinda of Depeche Mode or Coldplay kinda mix. Give it a listen http://

www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FIu5jJSvW0, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li24H4wBdKk

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