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    Stunt Position

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    A Stunt Position is used as a neutral base where other, more involved moves (like commandeering a vehicle) can be performed.

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    There currently are just a few examples of games that utilize the Stunt Position concept. Here is a summary of the games that use it and their execution.

    Just Cause

    Most prominently featured in the Just Cause series, the stunt position is often used to hijack a vehicle or move from one vehicle to another. They can also be use to move around the world faster. Some stunt positions provide cover for shooting the inhabitants of the vehicle. Other common uses include ghost riding, and generally looking cool.

    Just Cause 2

    In it's successor, Just Cause 2, the Stunt Position has been expanded to be used on more vehicles, such as Helicopters and Boats, and more positions on all vehicles. For example, players can hang on the front a car, using it as cover, shooting the car's passengers before kicking out the driver and taking control of the vehicle.

    While in that position, the player also has the option to plant explosives on the vehicle. The player can then jump off, in the air or to another vehicle, and detonating the explosives afterwards.

    The player can also stand on the back of the vehicle while it is racing towards a cliff and jump off with a parachute at the last moment, allowing the player for a spectacular escape and a rewarding explosion, netting the player extra 'Chaos'.

    Grand Theft Auto Series

    In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the player has had the ability to jump out of moving vehicles this is juxtaposed to Grand Theft Auto 3 as to when the player pushed the button to leave a vehicle, the car would simply brake to a complete stop until the player could casually get out.

    This new feature allowed the player to bail at the most opportune moments, like when their car was on fire or if something was in their way. The player had to do this with great caution though, since bailing with high speeds would cause a lot of damage to the player.

    Saints Row 2

    A thing that has been popular to do in the first Saints Row, was to just stand on a moving car and 'hitch along'. The developers took this concept and expanded upon it for the second game; Saints Row 2. When a player stands on a car and it starts moving, the player automatically starts a car surfing minigame, where the player needs to keep his balance. If a player manages to keep this up for long enough and get a three-gold-star rating, they can earn an achievement.

    Tony Hawk Series

    In the Tony Hawk series, from the third game in the series, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, the player has had the possibility to hang behind moving vehicles, also known as skitching.


    • Hanging beneath a helicopter
    • Standing on the roof of a car
    • Hanging onto the front of a car
    • Standing on the hood of a car
    • Hanging onto the front of a helicopter
    • Jumping from the vehicle to vehicle (motorcycle to roof of a car)

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