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    Stuntman: Ignition

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Aug 28, 2007

    Stuntman: Ignition lets you live out the dream of getting paid to drive recklessly and with no concern for the law as you help film stunts for fictional movies.

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    Stuntman: Ignition is a driving game where you are a stunt driver tasked to perform the car-based stunts for six fictional movies.

    Each movie itself has six scenes, in which the director instructs you as to what stunts need to be performed during each scene. If stunts are performed quickly you will add to your stunt multiplier, in a similar manner to the Tony Hawk series of games, and increase your overall score. The game conveys the director's instructions to you on-the-fly as you drive through the use of pop-up arrows and other visual elements. The player is awarded bonus points for being airborne, narrowly missing certain objects, and other maneuvers.

    The movies in the game are based on real life movies and genres. Among them are Aftershock, a disaster movie; Whoopin' and a Hollerin' II, a comedy/action film similar to The Dukes of Hazzard; and Night Avenger, a take-off on Batman.


    The story in Stuntman: Ignition follows a small-time stunt driver, with no name, as he tries to make his way to top in Hollywood and become "The Greatest" stunt driver ever. At the start of each new movie, the player is presented with a short movie clip which introduces the director and a brief summary of what the movie is about. This leads into your stunt coordinator detailing the vehicles you will drive and a short overview of the big stunts that you will perform when you start a scene.

    Based on your performance within a scene you will be awarded with 1 to 5 stars, which accumulate over your career unlocking new movies and adverts to drive in.

    The 6 fictitious movies the player will drive in (in chronological order) are as follows:

    The opening sequence in a scene from
    The opening sequence in a scene from "Never Kill Me Again"
    • Aftershock - A disaster movie filmed in British Columbia and directed by Richard Langston.
    • Whoopin' and a Hollerin' II - A comedy/action film similar to "The Dukes of Hazard" filmed in Tennessee and directed by Andy Baxter.
    • Strike Force Omega - An "A Team" style action movie set in 1980's Kyrgyzstan and directed by Karl Steel.
    • Overkill - A police action thriller throwback to the 1970's set in San Francisco and directed by Robert Rodina.
    • Never Kill Me Again - A James Bond-esque film set in Beijing and directed by Jean Bernoir Bernard.
    • Night Avenger - An action thriller in the vein of Batman set in the fictional city of "Darkdom" and directed by Howard Rightman.


    Single Player

    Stuntman: Ignition can best be described as "precision driving" which involves performing a series of stunts throughout the locations within a movie scene given to you by your stunt coordinator. To aid the player as to where these stunts have to be performed the HUD displays yellow icons and boxes within each scene showing the location and limits of where the player must navigate their car through or within respectively.

    These stunts include:

    Drift - Make the car drift around within the yellow box to pass.

    Gap - Drive between the two objects to pass.

    Jump Over - Jump over the specified object without touching it or flipping over to pass.

    Drive Under - Drive under the specified object without touching it to pass.

    Action - Hit the action button (Y / Triangle) within the yellow box to pass.

    Explosion - Drive the car close to the explosion within the yellow circle to pass.

    Bump Car - Slide the car into the specified car to pass.

    Two Wheels - Keep the car on two wheels for the entire length of the yellow box to pass.

    Wheelie - Keep the bike on it's back wheel for the entire length of the yellow box to pass.

    Get Close - Get close to the specified object without touching it to pass.

    180 bend - Perform a 180 degree turn with the car within the yellow box to pass.

    Overtake - Overtake the specified car without touching it to pass.

    By performing these actions correctly during a scene, the player will earn points which will be added to the total number of points he or she has earned for that particular run of that movie scene. The objective in Stuntman: Ignition is to earn as many stars as possible (up to 5) within a scene so that more movies and advert jobs can be unlocked.

    Two wheeling it in
    Two wheeling it in "Whoopin' and a Hollerin' II"

    Unlike the original stuntman which focused on successfully completing a set percentage of all the stunts within a scene, Stuntman: Ignition's scoring system is based on a 5 tier level point system with a set number of points needed to achieve 1 star, 2 stars etc. However, in order to achieve all 5 stars with a scene, the player must not only achieve the 4 star point threshold but also "string" the entire scene together. Stringing an entire scene together requires the player to not break his score multiplier for the entire duration of the scene.

    During a scene, the total points the player has earned is displayed in the top left corner of the HUD along with his score multiplier and current score chain. Each stunt performed adds 1 to the player's current score multiplier which multiplies the current number of points earned before being added to the total points for earned for that scene so far. In addition to completing director stunts, players can also perform drifts, get closes and other non director stunt actions such as jumps with each adding 1 to the current score multiplier.

    Stuntman: Ignition ultimately relies on a "trial and error" style of gameplay akin to the Hitman series of games, often requiring the player to retry a particular scene many times in order to achieve a 4 or 5 star rating. Since the nature of all the stunts being performed within a scene are not known before hand, it is very unlikely that a player will successfully pass on his or her first attempt.

    To compensate for the game's repitition, each scene allows 5 mistakes or "strikes" to be made (caused by not hitting a director stunt correctly or in time) whilst still continuing with the scene. If more than 5 strikes are made, then the director will call for a reshoot and the scene must be started again. This strike system allows for less patient players to pass scenes and make progress within the game without having to successfully string each scene within the game.

    At the end of each scene the player is shown a mock up trailer of the movie which intertwines cutscenes with cinematic replays of some scenes of the player's driving.

    Constructor Mode

    Getting shot at (quite a bit) in Strike Force Omega
    Getting shot at (quite a bit) in Strike Force Omega

    Stuntman: Ignition also features a construction mode that allows the player to build their own series of stunts within a large open stunt arena using a large collection of ramps, destructibles, explodables, and other miscellaneous items. The player can drive around their creations using any of the vehicles in the single player career.


    Stuntman: Ignition also supports local and multiplayer online modes where players can compete against each other in normal races or by replaying any scene from the single player career to see who can achieve the highest score in that scene. The point scoring system in this mode is the same as is found in the single player career.


    Stuntman: Ignition received generally favourable reviews with Metacritic awarding a 76 based on reviews ranging from 60 to 90.

    The general consensus from reviewers of the game are that the whilst Stuntman: Ignition can be very repetitive and sometimes infuriating, the overall experience can be rewarding and enjoyable if the player has the patience to stay with it to the end.

    Downloadable Content

    There are 2 packs available for Stuntman: Ignition.

    • The "Director's Cut" Pack (800 MSP) which includes new movie scenes to drive in.
    • The "Vehicle" Pack (400 MSP) which includes new vehicles to race with in multiplayer and constructor mode.

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Stuntman: Ignition requires 5.8GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD.


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