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    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 25, 2002

    Stuntman is a game for the PS2 and GBA and is centered around the player starting a career as a Hollywood stunt man.

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    Notoriously difficult to play and nigh impossible to master this videogame is only for the most sadistic and skilled players. 


    Taking on the role of a movie stunt-driver it's your objective to drive through the choreographed movie set pieces. Maintaining exact directions as they're called out to you over the radio.  

    Level Structure:

     Starting out small you begin working on a movie named 'Toothless in wapping', a parody of version London based mob movies such as Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels and Snatch. Gradually working up to more and more high budget movies, finshing at 'Live twice for Tommorow' a parody of James Bond set in Monaco where you're tasked with driving extremely high performance supercars in devilishly difficult stunts.  
    Movies include (with included movie/inspiration parody): 
    • Toothless in wapping (Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels)
    • A whoopin' and a hollerin' (Dukes of hazzard)
    • Blood Oath (John-woo inspired)
    • Conspiracy (Tom Clancy inspired)
    • The Scarab of lost souls (Indiana Jones)
    • Live Twice for tommorow (James Bond)


     Minimal room for error gameplay that is both rewarding and frustrating, requiring many retries per level. The reception of Stuntman was wide and varied. Recieving 35% and 93% at it's widest point and many reviews between. The metacritic score evened out to 71/100. 
    Criticised for it's linear and instructional gameplay it was also praised for it's incredible vehicle physics, innovative gameplay and it's distinctive graphical style.

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