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    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 05, 1990

    Stunts (also known as 4D Sports Driving) is a classic 3D racing game developed by Distinctive Software, Inc. It places the player in races on stunt tracks with jumps, loops and corkscrews.

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    Players can either choose to race against the clock or against one of six different opponents. Due to the track editor, the player has a virtual unlimited amount of race tracks to race on. Stunts also features the ability to view and save replays of races.

    Track Editor

    An example of a track being created in the Track Editor.
    An example of a track being created in the Track Editor.

    The game includes a tile-based track editor; players have access to half-pipes, loops, other obstacles, and decorations in order to create their own tracks.

    Also different types of roads can be used on one track. The player can choose from paved roads, gravel roads, and icy/snow roads. All of which offer different levels of grip.

    After designing a track, the player can save it under a file name of their choosing, stored in the game's install folder, making it easy to share the tracks with friends.


    Stunts features 11 different drivable cars to choose from.

    • Acura NSX
    • Audi Quattro Sport Coupe
    • Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
    • Ferrari 288 GTO
    • Jaguar XJR9 IMSA Race Car
    • 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach
    • Lamborghini LM002
    • Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v
    • Porsche 962 IMSA Race Car
    • Porsche Carrera 4
    • Porsche March IndyCar


    Stunts features six opponents that the player can challenge in one-off races on any track. Each has a back story and various driving traits. They are:

    • "Squealin'" Bernie Rubber: Bernie is the easiest of all the opponents. He generally drives slowly and frequently crashes on challenging stunts.
    • Herr Otto Partz: an old German Grand Prix driver, Otto is okay on flat circuits, but falters on stunts.
    • "Smokin'" Joe Stallin: Joe once rear-ended someone on a straight. As a result, he prefers twisty tracks and visibly slows down on straights.
    • Cherry Chassis: a spoiled rich girl; Cherry is the opposite to Joe, preferring straights to corners.
    • Helen Wheels: Helen is a competent all-rounder, but tends to be a bit reckless.
    • Skid Vicious: The toughest opponent in the game, Skid grew up on the streets and learned to drive by outrunning police in stolen cars. Skid is capable of accelerating faster than the player, even when driving a slower car.

    After the race, the player is treated to an animation of their opponent either celebrating or sulking (depending on the result), along with a comment about the race.


    The graphics are a combination of polygons with simple textures, and sprites. The game runs in 320 x 200 with 256 colors.

    Online Community

    There is an online community of Stunts players, which traces its origins back to the mid-nineties. Over the years, it has ran various hotlap competitions over the Internet, as well as created game mods such as custom cars ( Nowadays, the main gathering point for the community is the ZakStunts competition site (


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