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    The "subconscious" land of dreams introduced in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic.

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    A World of Dreams

    Sub-Con is the setting of Super Mario Bros 2. It was discovered when Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad were out on a picnic and found a magical door in a cave. They entered, and found a strange new world filled with unfamiliar monsters. The inhabitants of Sub-Con were under siege by this army, controlled by the maniacal conqueror, Wart.


    The team from the Mushroom Kingdom must traverse many different areas within Sub-Con to reach wart: grassy, hilly areas; deserts with lethal quicksand; icy glaciers near an ocean filled with whales; even temples built on the clouds in the sky. All of the areas of Sub-Con feature patches of grass that can be pulled up out of the ground: the grass is typically connected to vegetables that can be thrown at enemies, but may also yield special items like POW blocks, Bob-ombs, magical doors, time-stopping watches, and even rocketships.


    Sub-Con is normally home to the Subcons, a race of fairy creatures that live their peacefully. Since the insurrection by Wart, it has become overrun with enemies like Shyguys, Snifits, Birdo, Mouser, Tryclyde, and Clawgrip.

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