This game is rad

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So yeah, this game is pretty rad. First match I played was 7v7v7. The other two teams were supposed to make a trade. My team was supposed to steal the money and the goods. So we're driving in two cars, all of us ready with pistols and SMGs when we finally see the enemy teams making the trade. We come down the street at full speed and guns blazing.
It ended with all but one of us dead, the last man driving back to base with the money, slowly bleeding out from the bullet he took.
This game would make an amazing TNT.

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Fuck damn, you made the first post in the forum for this thang.


I've been busy playing and then also creating this silly video thing for it. But god damn, if this demo ain't just full up with funky fresh flavour! It's giving me real strong Doom and Quake and Syndicate and Reservoir Dogs vibes. I still don't properly understand quite what is going on at all times in-game, but it's a blast anyway! Are the dedicated servers on the list literally just people running the software from their computers? Would a Giant Bomb server be scary/fun?

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Good news everyone! This game is on Steam Greenlight

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