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    Subject 16

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    The rather less fortunate subject of the Animus before Desmond Miles. He left behind a series of puzzles to explain the truth and origins of the Pieces of Eden. He is an Assassin Spy that infiltrated Abstergo.

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    Subject 16, Also Known as Clay Kaczmarek Is the sixteenth Subject of the Animus Project And a member of the Brotherhood of Assassins.

    Early Life

    Clay Kaczmarek is the son of Harold Kaczmarek. He was destined to become an engineer by his father, But Clay Desired to be different. From a young age, Clay attended school and decided to be an astronaut, his different interests have caused him to become distant from his father as he grew up..

    Clay succeeded in getting into an Engineering school, much to his father's disappointment, because it wasn't one of the high engineering colleges. Clay decided to visit a psychiatrist, having secret sessions with his psychiatrist. Around this time, William Miles inducted Clay Into the Assassin's Order, the Psychiatrist even exclaimed that Clay being with his peers has improved his behaviour and outlook. Soon, the economic downturn of 2010 hit, effecting Clay's father and leading him to rely on Clay and his mother for money, which made Clay's driven away from the family due to his fathers over reliance on them.

    Infiltration Of Abstergo

    In 2010, Clay was assigned the assassin task of infiltrating the Templar company Abstergo Industries and gaining entry into the CEO Alan Rikkin's Laptop, gaining information on the Animus Project and get out. Clay succeeded in his task and retrieved an E-mail detailing the Animus Projects Finances, its head: Warren Vidic and their Facility Location in Italy. This prompted the assassins to send him on a second second task, to be captured by Abstergo's Lineage and Acquisition Division, Be taken as a Animus subject to gain access to information, and when the time came, Lucy Stillman, an Assassin mole would get him out, Clay Agreed to the plan.

    On February 1 2011, Everything went according to plan and Clay Gained entry to Abstergo, being Captured as Subject 16, his memories of several ancestors were explored, the most notable being Ezio Auditore. Warren kept him in the animus for dangerously long periods though. through his sessions, he eventually discovered that Abstergo was after the mythical ' Apple Of Eden', knowing Abstergo's true intentions, he decided it was time to Escape, however the animus had side effects, and they were already too strong, and he found himself visiting his ancestors memories without the animus, once talking to the being called Juno, who revealed to him Lucy's True Alliance, and his destiny, to help his Successor in the animus project, Desmond Miles. This drove him angry, leading Juno to tell him that he will die, finding himself in denial, Clay accepted his mission nonetheless, being brought to reality in his part with Future Events.

    After Lucy found out of Clay's Knowledge about her, she attempted to convert him to the Templars, saying William is using them. seeing she couldn't convince him, Lucy told him she couldn't let him escape, Clay realised now what he had to do to get his message across to Desmond Miles.

    Life After Death

    Cryptic Messages
    Cryptic Messages

    Clay started planning his suicide carefully, Clay created an Artificial Construct of himself, Split in twenty four pieces to be united by his Successor, Clay then killed himself, by cutting a vein, draining his blood, writing his message, and then died. After Desmond Miles was inducted into Abstergo, he found Clay Kaczmarek's Blood messages, and escaped Abstergo shortly after, and through the memory core that Lucy stole, Desmond and his team discover the twenty four pieces Clay had left behind, uniting all of them, they found a file which showed them one of Clay's Animus sessions labelled "The Truth", which showed the mythical Adam and Eve Free-running with an Apple of Eden.

    After Desmond and his team relocate to Monterigiorri's safe house, revisiting more Ezio memories, they discovered ten rifts Clay left behind in the animus, upon uncovering them, they found an executable file which put Desmond in a free-running maze, upon Desmond completing it, they found the Construct of Clay Kaczmarek which told Desmond to Find Eve in Eden and that he can find him in the darkness.

    Black Room

    After Desmond Fell into a Coma upon stabbing Lucy, he is put into the black room, the 'guts of the animus' and a safe room. He meets the AI construct of Clay Kaczmarek there, who helps him to get out of his coma by creating a Synch Nexus to separate all his Ancestors memories, all while Clay would Distract the animus from deleting Desmond, Clay at one point suggested he could come with Desmond somehow, in another body, Desmond declined this, not surprising Clay, making him exclaim he wasted his chance. Soon, the animus started to delete Desmond's Consciousness upon detecting his memory intrusions, Clay saved him by sacrificing himself for Desmond


    " I am with you 'til the end. Find me in the darkness."

    "What is a man but the sum of his memories? We are the stories we live! The tales we tell ourselves!"


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