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    An online multiplayer game that plays out in real-time over the course of about a week.

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    Subterfuge is a strategy game for iOS and Android.

    Games of Subterfuge play out in real time over the course of approximately a week. The aim of the game is to collect 200 Neptunium by mining bases. To mine bases you need to dispatch submarines containing drillers that can not only mine, but also go into combat with other players. Moving a submarine to another base can take many hours or even days, and once you have sent out a sub you are unable to call it back.

    Players are required to check in several times a day to assess the situation and issue orders. Communicating with other players is vital, as several players will very easily be able to defeat someone without any allies.

    In some ways, the game plays like an incredibly slow version of Eufloria or Galcon.

    The game is free, but you are limited to one game at a time and are unable to host your own games. You can unlock all features of the game with an in app purchase.


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