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    Sudden Death

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    Sudden Death occurs when two or more players/teams have the same score at the end of the game. It can also be a penalty that activates when a player of match is taking too long. The players will then have to get rid of each other in a hurry.

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    The game ends in a tie and you want to go into extra innings? Well yes! You can go thanks to sudden death.
    Sudden Death is a concept when 2 players or more have the same amount of points during the game and the player who scores the next point wins it all!

    In the Mario Franchise

    This concept appeared in the Super Smash Bros. franchise as Super Sudden Death.
    In this mode players start out with 300% instead of 0% and they have to kill each other with that amount to win.
    The Mario Strikers franchise also have sudden death because the next team scores a goal wins.
    The Mario Baseball franchise also has sudden death called extra innings because the next team who scores a run or more is declared the winner.

    In the Mario Party franchise, there are 2 ways that a winner can be declared.
    The first way that a winner can be declared is by hitting a dice block and if 2 or more players has the same number of stars and coins,
    then this is where sudden death came in.

    Another way that a winner is announced is in Mario Party 5's Card Party.
    There are 8 star cards on the board and each player in turn picks a card. If the player picks a card with a star, then you win!

    In American Football

    In American Football, if two teams are tied when the 4th quarter ends, the game heads into overtime. Overtime is like a regular game, but is also like Sudden Death, in that whichever team scores first wins, regardless of how they score, or if the other team is allowed possession of the ball. The only exception is in postseason games.

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