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Living almost his entire life in the Indonesian terrorist group known as the Dara Dan Doa, translated to "Blood and Prayer." Sadono has seen his fair share of combat and blood shed, primarily stemming from the United States aided ousting of the Communists in Indonesian past.  But when the United States changed favor to East Timor of Indonesia, and started placing military bases their instead, Sadono like many of the members of the Dara Dan Doa felt betrayed. 
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow opens up with Sadono's assault on an American Embassy in East Timor.  The start of the attack was launched by one phrase: "Pandora Tomorrow." 

 Sadono caught on tape.
 Sadono caught on tape.
Obviously these attacks make him a prime target for the American government.  But he really becomes a true threat when he reveals that he is in control of several small pox canisters spread across the United States, that he can release at will should he ever be captured or killed.  This is the next part of his plan labeled, "Pandora Tomorrow." 
Hours after this threat is revealed,  Sam Fisher and the operatives from the ShadowNET teams (Multiplayer spy teams) thwart his plan, forcing him to go underground into hiding.  Here he now changes his scheme, to instead start a propaganda war against the United States.  During one of the tapings for his videos to the masses, he his captured by  Fisher, and extracted for the CIA to handle. 
After his capture, his ally and friend Norman Soth tries to keep the terrorist attack on American soil active.    

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