My all-time favourite game

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#1 Posted by Lashe (1409 posts) -

I am so up for writing a review for this game. Everything in it was just so compelling -- great story, characters (especially from playing Suikoden I, Flik and Viktor!), awesome hand-drawn artwork and great references to the first game which give that nice touch of nostalgia, such as re-visiting the house of Tir McDohl.

This place will probably be pretty dry, I know, its hardly a best-selling game but it is definitely a cult classic which I am more than happy to contribute to -- I'll happily create character pages for every Suikoden character if it meant the game's awesomeness was brought to a wider group.

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#2 Posted by Djungelurban (220 posts) -

Well, it's definitely top 10 alright.

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#3 Posted by kmanrobb (9 posts) -

I am totally with you lashe,  this game deserves more players.  It's one of those timeless games, that you can keep going back to no matter how far the tech has come.

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#4 Posted by Lashe (1409 posts) -

  Yeah definitely. I'm really tempted to get a PSP, CFW it and put it on to play wherever I go! I've already put it on ePSXe on my MSI Wind, and I have a ps2 controller with a USB converter so I can play it during long train journeys etc.

I was never aware, however, that there was a PC release til I read on Giantbomb. No idea how that one slipped my radar

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#5 Posted by delsaber (216 posts) -

Hmm, it's probably in my top five... I can never really decide on the exact placement, though.

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#6 Posted by PaperPlain (253 posts) -

Never played it. I almost played a PS2 Suidoken game but passed it up.

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#7 Posted by TheOGVandalvideo (154 posts) -

Suikoden 2 is easily one of the most emotional games around, and is a classic in the JRPG world.

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#8 Posted by firespot (50 posts) -

Suikoden 2 was my first rpg, and i have to agree that it is my all time favorite game. but there's a chance now that i may like 5 more, but i don't know. but suikoden 2 is deffinatly one of the greatest games i have ever played.

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#9 Posted by Jammy411 (74 posts) -

i almost wish i could forget playing it
so i could play it again like the first time i did.

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#10 Posted by TerraMantis (358 posts) -

Wow, i was very surprised to see Suikoden II under the favorites in the forum's drop-down tab. Yes, i have to completely agree. Suikoden II is one of only roughly 3 games i have ever given a 10/10. Luca Blight and Jowy are a great combination to create one of the most memorable antagonistic forces gaming has ever delivered and for the most part...has completely gone under the radar. I still have yet to play a game that has connected with me through the use of story and character development the way Suikoden II did. Suikoden II is easily one of the greatest JRPGs, RPG period, ever made.

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#11 Posted by PixelPrinny (1076 posts) -

Suikoden 2 is a great game and my second favorite in the series. As you said it has a terrific cast (my personal favorites were Ayda, Kinnison, and Pesmerga -- I still want to know what happened to that guy, he was supposed to be Yuber's foil but kinda vanished without a trace) and story, the artwork is huuuuuuge improvement from the first game, and the nostalgia factor was great. On top of that, building your castle was a blast as was the crazy cooking competition and growing a farm. I loved the big army battles, though I had wished there were more of them. Being able to use characters that were typically stuck in the castle as generals or tacticians was a really nice touch. 

And of course there was-the glitch -- you literally push aside a locked gate to enter an area you're not supposed to be able to access yet and can grind levels like a crazy person off of the ridiculously easy puffballs so that you're pretty much godlike for most of the game. Not sure how such a glitch made it into final product, and it's certainly not game breaking, but it did sorta trivialize combat. Oh well.
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#12 Posted by zus (87 posts) -

If there ever was a game that deserved a remake, it's this.

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#13 Posted by fang273 (205 posts) -

Definitely my #1 game, and I don't really like any other JRPGs. Great gameplay, great story, great characters. I really hope they do a faithful remake of this game, just so that more people can experience it.

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#14 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -

never heard of it

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#15 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5919 posts) -

I wish it wasn't so expensive.

I heard it was coming to the PSN sometime this year, could have just been a rumor.

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#16 Posted by Terry_Bogard (308 posts) -
@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" never heard of it "
Sucks to be you
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#17 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -
@Terry_Bogard said:
" @Ahmad_Metallic said:
" never heard of it "
Sucks to be you "
oh yeah? well...

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#18 Posted by MatPaget (1273 posts) -
@Lashe: Great choice! I love the Suikoden games!
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#19 Posted by Vexed (327 posts) -

Weird, I was just seeing how much some of my old PS1 games are worth and briefly considered selling Suikoden II, then someone necros this thread.  You guys should play Suikoden V if you skipped it.  It's not as amazing as 2, but still pretty darn good.

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#20 Posted by sameeeeam (2469 posts) -
@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" @Terry_Bogard said:
" @Ahmad_Metallic said:
" never heard of it "
Sucks to be you "
oh yeah? well...

My nipples exploded on witnessing that burn.

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