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    Suikoden Tierkreis

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 28, 2008

    The only installment in the Suikoden series for the Nintendo DS moves to a new universe with 108 new characters.

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    Suikoden Tierkreis is the first Suikoden game for the Nintendo DS, and while it shares the same name as its predecessors, this stylistically disparate edition (using more drab colors than the traditional saturated palette) takes place in an entirely new universe. Though it retains the classic "108 Stars of Destiny" trope from earlier games, this turn-based RPG will not include full-scale war battles as previous Suikodens have. Standard bouts will take place using four team members, as opposed to the Suikoden standard of six, though optional support characters can aid if the need arises. The main reason the battle system has been changed is because the DS lacks the power to create the large full scale battles. Konami has changed the story to reflect this. There are still the classic "108 Stars of Destiny" but a twist in the opening cinematic depicts all but four of them dying in an epic battle. As the four survivors, you must search for the souls of the remaining 104 dead Stars of Destiny and resurrect them. You are able to choose what they are resurrected as, so you could use their soul to form a party member, weapon, or monster.

    There is also a mode that uses the DS Wi-Fi connection. In this mode you can send your party members out on "quests" against your friends' characters. Konami isn't shoehorning touch controls into the game, but it appears that most of the action takes place on the lower screen, which means there is still a possibility that there will be some touch controls.


    The story for Suikoden TIerkreis begins in a tiny village called Citro. You play as an orphan who was raised by the village. You and a couple other friends undertake a mission to take out some beasts who have been terrorizing the town. On the journey, you find a book which you touch. Upon touching the book you get a vision of a fierce battle taking place and receive strange powers. The other members of the group also touched the book and most of them also experienced the same thing. Knowing this is part of something bigger, the group sets off to find out more about the book in the larger cities of the world and begin on their grand journey into the unknown. On the way they will fight against an oppressive religious government, make allies, and learn a lot about themselves as they explore the world in Suikoden Tierkreis.


    Gameplay in Suikoden Tierkreis is basic, yet fun. You can outfit your group with a number of different equipment types and then participate in random encounter battles. The battles typically last around a minute with some weaker enemies being less and bosses being more. At the beginning of the turn, you select what you wish to do which includes melee, magic/skills, and items and then proceed. Another option is to let the computer auto normal attack for you and chose enemies which makes battles fast and easy. Bosses are where the true challenge is found as some will test your skills and make you rely on everything you have learned up until that point in the game, so always be aware of what the game is teaching you.

    The 108 Starbearers

    The following is a complete account of all the characters that will join your quest.

    1. Hero
    2. Marcia
    3. Jale
    4. Liu
    5. Hotupa
    6. Mona
    7. Logan
    8. Erin
    9. Mabal
    10. Zahra
    11. Eunice
    12. Wahie
    13. Sisuca
    14. Anya
    15. Selen
    16. Tongatihi
    17. Gadburg
    18. Muro
    19. Luvais
    20. Nimni
    21. Neira
    22. Nemne
    23. Nomno
    24. Wustum
    25. Semias
    26. Chrodechild
    27. Meruvis
    28. Roberto
    29. Manaril
    30. Asad
    31. Zenoa
    32. Yadima
    33. Rekareka
    34. Tuhululu
    35. Geschultz
    36. Buchse
    37. Minen
    38. Sotah
    39. Balsam
    40. Yod
    41. Khemia
    42. Nuzhat
    43. Icas
    44. Morrin
    45. Yovel
    46. Numnu
    47. Dromon
    48. Felecca
    49. Xebec
    50. Nahzu
    51. Dogha
    52. Sphiel
    53. Maybelle
    54. Nakil
    55. Hafin
    56. Diulf
    57. Servillah
    58. Lycia
    59. Gorno
    60. Chein
    61. Autar
    62. Guntram
    63. Fredegund
    64. Ouragan
    65. Luc-Tao
    66. Len-Lien
    67. Yula
    68. Amaralich
    69. Quillard
    70. Lathilda
    71. Bosche
    72. Mourgent
    73. Elder Rajim
    74. Megion
    75. Nictis
    76. Eusmil
    77. Savina
    78. Lubberkin
    79. Namna
    80. Hina
    81. Shams
    82. Taj
    83. Tsaubern
    84. Ramin
    85. Diadora
    86. Misrach
    87. Nova
    88. Nofret
    89. Vaslof
    90. Resno
    91. Gilliam
    92. Chief Kashgar
    93. Ordovic
    94. Indrik
    95. Diiwica
    96. Sophia
    97. Darrow
    98. Yomi
    99. Chihaya
    100. Tigre
    101. Keflen
    102. Belemuel
    103. Kow-Low
    104. Rufa
    105. Enumclaw
    106. Hao-Shi
    107. Zayin
    108. Mun-Tsang

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