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    Sullon Zek

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    Sullon Zek is a goddess in the EverQuest franchise. She is known as the Mistress of Rage and is the goddess of rage and anger.

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    The Mistress of Rage 
    The Mistress of Rage 
    Sullon Zek is the adopted daughter of Rallos Zek and is known as the Mistress of Rage.  She was not always a deity, for she was born as a mortal Barbarian woman.  Long ago, Sullon McKlarren was a honorable warrior who defended her people from the harshness of the frozen northlands.  Her skills with blades of all types were unmatched.  She was victorious against every foe including ice giants, mammoths, hordes of goblins, and feral wolves.  Halas relied on Sullon and her band of warriors to keep the city safe.  She was able to focus her intense rage and anger for her enemies into a trance-like state of devastation.  Even her allies were frightened of her in this state, and it worried them.  Sullon was literally unstoppable.  Her loyal wolves, Ghost and Snowtail, grew timid in her presence.  Each battle allowed her to hone her unique skill until she caught the eye of the god of war himself, Rallos Zek.

    The Warlord summoned Sullon to his fortress, Drunder, in the heart of the Plane of War.  Here Zek pitted Sullon against many of the champions and greatest ogre warriors he had, and she defeated them all.  Her ferocity was unmatched by even the best Zek had to offer.  Rallos Zek then decided to enter battle himself.  Sullon was shocked, and lowered her head in humility and dropped her axes.  Zek let loose a terrifying yell that forbade Sullon from ever lowering her defenses again.  He wanted a fight, and that is what he got.  For hours they fought in the pit, Sullon's rage grew with every passing minute.  It is said that the parries of their blades rang like bells echoing throughout the fortress.  At last, their weapons locked, and Sullon body writhed in anger.  Just as she was about to drop her axes and take on Rallos with her bare fists, the Warlord let loose a booming laugh that stunned the Barbarian.  Her focused rage faded quickly, which gave Zek the window of opportunity to end the intense battle.  Sullon prepared herself for death, for it would be the most honorable death imaginable to die at the hands of her god in battle.  Instead of feeling cold steel on the back of her neck, she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder as Zek annointed her the Mistress of Rage, thus raising her to godhood.


    During the Age of Turmoil, she tested the abilities of mortals to prepare them for an assault on Mayong Mistmoore's Demi-Plane of Blood.  During this period, she manifested herself as a towering Barbarian woman in golden plate armor and dual wielding battle axes

    Among the Pantheon

    Rallos Zek constructed a new realm for his adopted daughter.   Her home is known as Razorthorn, a massive tower in the center of Devastation, the Plane of Rage.    His adopted sons, Tallon and Vallon, believed they could defeat her, but were smart enough to never try.  Some believe that Rallos Zek presented Sullon with her own plane not as a reward, but more as a prison to keep her in check.  They believe that Rallos feared her, and thought she had the ability to usurp him as the god of war in the pantheon.

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