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    Summerset Isle

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    Summerset Isle is one of the nine provinces in Tamriel and home to the Altmer, a race of High Elves in the Elder Scrolls series.

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    Summerset Isle is the original home to the ancient race of the Altmer (otherwise known as High Elves), and is believed to be the first Provence occupied by the Aldmer. There is significant evidence to suggest that the Isles were originally inhabited by the mysterious Sload- the book A pocket Guide to the Empire (which appears in Oblivion and Morrowind) says:  "The oldest of all ruins there, and in isolated spots throughout the island, are made of coral, which must have been carried many, many, miles away from the sea", suggesting Sload inhabitance many yeas ago. 
    The island is said to feature idyllic orchards, clear pastures and lush, misty woodland, which accompany the unique architecture, built to look as natural as the surroundings. 
    During the game Oblivion, NPCs can be overheard saying " I understand Daedra worship has become increasingly prevalent in the Summerset Isle." "They say syndicates of wizards have led a boycott of Imperial goods in the land of the Altmer." and "The Altmer have powerful wizards. It could become a dangerous situation."


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