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Summoners, as one would imagine, are adept in the skills of summoning all kinds of things out of thin air. Whether it's a minion to do their bidding, a weapon to help them in a pinch, or simply some food or water to sustain them on a long journey, summoners are powerful and versatile spellcasters.


Gnome Magician
Gnome Magician

In EverQuest, magicians are masters of elemental magic (earth, fire, air, water) as well as the arts of summoning. A mage alone can be powerful, but when he/she brings his army of pets, that mage becomes deadly. Magicians can summon a pet of any of the four elements, each with its pros and cons to fit any scenario. They can also protect themselves with the phantom armor line of spells and the best damage shield in the land. In the realm of casters, Magicians are second only to WIzards when it comes to direct damage, but a Magician's pet can often make up the difference. Mages can also debuff enemies by lowering their resistance to elemental magic. Aside from their ability to summon pets and weapons, they can also summon food and drink. Many magicians can excel at soloing, and their pet can often be a sacrificial lamb as the magician runs for the hills if the fight gets to heated. Magicians, like other casters, are limited to cloth armor.

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