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    The Summoner, known as the Thor within the Inner Sphere, is a heavy Clan OmniMech that possesses both high mobility and a dangerous assortment of weaponry.

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    One of the signature 'Mechs of Clan Jade Falcon, the Summoner (or Thor) was created to fulfill roles that call for heavy firepower and superior maneuverability, and as a result it is a fairly versatile design. Despite being one of the Clans' more recognizable OmniMechs, the Summoner was based on a co-developed Clan BattleMech, the Thresher, and it was in fact the first OmniMech designed by Jade Falcon after the clan won the rights to the technology from Clan Coyote. It is a fast 'Mech for its weight class, which is further complemented by jump jets, solid armor, and a substantial amount of pod space. It is not surprising then that it became a workhorse for Jade Falcon, and retained this position for centuries.

    Its standard weapons loadout is quite respectable, as it boasts an ER PPC mounted to its right arm, an LB 10-X Autocannon on its left, and a single LRM-15 rack situated above its left shoulder. This assortment of armaments allow the Summoner to attack comfortably from most any range, and when paired with its considerable speed and its jump jet capability, it becomes a 'Mech that is not only capable of attacking well from a number of ranges, but also one that is able to move fluidly between them as necessary. Because of its combination of speed and potency, it is not uncommon for the Thor to be selected for harassment detail or for more surgical guerrilla operations which call for quick, deadly strikes before falling back to a secured position.

    Like all OmniMechs, the Summoner's weapons can be switched out quite easily when compared to more traditional BattleMechs with fixed emplacements, and as such there are at least a dozen commonly-known weapon variants that have arisen over the years. The B Configuration, for instance, converts the Thor into a mobile missile platform, fitting the chassis with two LRM-20s, two SRM-4s, and a Narc Missile Beacon. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the C Configuration, which is designed to be a beast in close quarter with its Ultra AC/20 and Streak SRM-6. Ultimately, there are almost as many variants as there are MechWarriors, and the chassis' extreme modularity and its ability to be adapted to the situation at hand is one the keys to its appeal and longevity as a 'Mech.

    Vital Statistics

    SchematicProduction InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Weapon Loadout
    Summoner Schematic
    Summoner Schematic
    • Affiliation: Clan
    • Designation: OmniMech
    • Designer: Jade Falcon
    • Production Planets: Ironhold & Niles
    • Cost: 21,320,834 C-Bills
    • Class: Heavy 'Mech
    • Weight: 70 tons
    • Armor: 9.5 tons Ferro-Fibrous
    • Maximum Speed: 86.4 kph
    • Jump Jets: JF Standard
    • 1 LRM-15
    • 1 ER PPC
    • 1 LB 10-X Autocannon

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