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    Sun Ce

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    Sun Ce is from the Dynasty Warriors series. He is the first son of Sun Jian.

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    Sun Ce was the oldest son of his father Sun Jian, the first ruler of the Wu kingdom. he learned how to lead and fight under his father. After his father died he succed his father's potition under Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao's brother. Yuan Shu was very impressed with Sun Ce and promised him a land to govern. But after Sun Ce conquered Jiujiang and Lujiang, Yuan Shu went back on his word and give the governorship to his other general. 

    After leaving Yuan Shu's army, Sun Ce proceeded to Liyang, where he boosted his strengh to more than 5,000 men. He attack Ze Rong and Xue Li in Moling and finally defeated Fan Neng and secured Niuzhu. After all the surrounding areas were taken over by Sun Ce, Liu You gave up Qu'e and escaped south to Yuzhang (Nanchang, Jiangxi).

    Sun Ce implemented strict discipline among his tropps and won instant support of the local people and gathered many talented men such as Chen Wu, Zhou Tai, Jiang Qin, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, Qun Song and Lu Fan.

    The next area he counquered, Kuaiji (Shaoxing, Zhejiang) where he made the city become his base. He defeated the wandering bandit army led by Yan Baihu, Zu Lang, Taishi Ci, Hua Xin, Shanyue tribe, where he appointed He Qi, then sweep the remaining army of Yan Baihu.
    After Yuan Shu's death, Sun Ce set up the army to attack Huang Zu in revenge of his father's death.

    Cao Cao attempted to further reinforce the alliance with Sun Ce by marrying the daughter of his relative Cao Ren to Sun Ce's youngest brother Sun Kuang. Sun Ce in turn agreed to marry Sun Ben's daughter to Cao Cao's son, Cao Zhang.

    He died because of the wounds recieved in battle. An arrow strike to his head. Although he was saved,  because of his temperamental attitude, the wound were never healed properly and eventualy killed him.

    Sun Ce had a son, Sun Shao, and at least two or three daughters. One of his daughters is married to Lu Xun. After his death, Sun Quan succeeded him as the leader of Wu army, foundation of the Wu kingdom and empire.

    Sun Ce and Zhou Yu are brothers in oath and both married to Qiao sisters.
    He was known as "The Little Conqueror" due to his young age.


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