Sundered is out this month! Is anyone here excited?

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I made a poll/thread about this months ago, maybe last year to see who was interested in Sundered. I am now curious again considering the game is almost here, though the exact date hasn't been announced. I just know it comes in July. I've also made a couple of threads about Jotun (the game from the same developers) since it is one of those games I feel not a lot of people played when I'd imagine some would like it very much. I assume it's due to the lack of coverage it got (Giant Bomb unfortunately never did a quick look of it). That's somewhat off topic but I'm just saying, now would be a good time to play it if you're interested in Sundered. Sundered is a Lovecraftian, fast-paced Metroid-vania that has huge, challenging bosses.

The levels are procedurally generated, which at first was one aspect that turned me off, but from what I understand it's not as bad as it sounds. It also has dynamically spawned enemies. The art, in my opinion, is fantastic, and I have to imagine the music is going to be wonderfully intense if Jotun is any indication; it's the same composer. It also features multiple endings. At first glance, if you watch some of the videos that show the number of enemies on screen in some parts it may look cheap considering it may be hard to see where you are, and just the simple act of dodging seems iffy, but the more I watched it seems less of an issue as long as you know how the enemies attacks work.

It actually looks like a game where you'd see a bunch of people try and attempt to get through sections without getting hit, especially bosses. The game is going to be on the PS4 and PC, but I believe they're perhaps looking to extend the release to other systems later on. I'm glad there is finally a wiki page for it too; last time I made a thread about the game there wasn't. I would post a video of the game for those that haven't seen it, or even for those that have, but you can check YouTube yourself for the handful of videos out there that show the game off. To answer my own question, yes I am excited about the game. I really enjoyed Jotun and this looks even better honestly since it's faster-paced and the Lovecraftian style interests me more than Norse mythology. What about you?

For even more insight about the game, check this page.

Edit - Oh, one last thing. Another game I recommend before playing Sundered due to a great soundtrack and artistic design, cool and challenging boss fights and side-scrolling gameplay would be Outland. That's also another game I feel, like Jotun (though not to Jotun's extent) I have the feeling not enough people played despite perhaps enjoying it.

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I'm curious about it honestly. I never beat Jotun. I got stuck on the final boss. I really should try and finish it...

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I fell off of Jotun really hard very early on. But I think this looks a lot better so I'm willing to give it a shot for sure. It just has to get in line with the other metroidvanias I've been stockpiling lol. Asking for a new Metroid sure was a monkeypaw wish.

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@tobbrobb: I think I remember you saying that on one of the threads I made in the past. How far did you get into it? The deliberately slow pace I can imagine turning people off, which is also why I think Sundered perhaps may garner more attention or appreciation. I'm not sure if the speed had anything to do with it, but there is an ability you unlock that momentarily speeds you up in it.

@atastyslurpee: The final boss can seem kind of cheap on the second half as he spawns all of the bosses that came before, so it's a battle against time almost. It was really frustrating to me when I played through the game the first time, but once you get all the upgrades it's not that hard. I liked Jotun enough to buy it twice actually. I got it on Steam, then on the One simply because I wanted to play on a bigger screen with a better sound system. When I went through it again on the One I basically went through the entire game without dying. Once you learn to go through each stage in correct order and then find all upgrades, it's still a challenge, but not nearly as much as it was the first time. If you haven't, I recommend going back and finding all the upgrades; it's pretty easy to find as long as you know how to read the map. That said, you made it to the final boss, so you've practically beat the game and experienced what needed to be experienced.

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@ntm: It basically just felt like I was running through a MASSIVE copy paste field for no apparent reason with nothing to do. It was like playing Diablo 2 without enemies or something. All the setpiece and bossfight stuff looks pretty cool, but if the general gameplay revolves around these big open areas you trudge through I'm not gonna bother. Again, I did not get very far at all so definitely coming from a certain level of ignorance here.

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Wow, this seems insanely soon, wasn't the kickstarter just 5 months ago?

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Definitely interested, Jotun was really cool. Looking for more Metroidvanias in my life

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@tobbrobb: No, each area looks different and has their own challenges, but yeah aside from one or two areas, there are no enemies to fight. The combat is mainly for boss fights similar to Shadow of the Colossus if you will.

@brackstone: Not sure. They probably started making it right after Jotun, which was in September of 2015. I can ask on Facebook, they always seem to answer.

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@brackstone: They told me they started production on the game in January of 2016.

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The release date of Sundered is July 28th. Also, as noted by another thread, Jotun is free right now on Steam and GOG.

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This just got surfaced for me on steam and my jaw literally dropped upon watching the trailer. Like, not far, I'm not 12, but moved perceptibly downward. Going to be hard to resist the urge to purchase sight unseen.

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@veektarius: That's cool. I just came back on here because I wanted to mention that GiantBomb is actually doing a quick look for it! They, unfortunately, didn't do one for Jotun, so I'm somewhat surprised they're doing one for Sundered but I guess it makes sense as there's a little more coverage of it around. Hmm, maybe I'll get it tonight if it releases later.

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Maaaaan, I've played like an hour and I feel pretty cool on this one too. This shit is bumming me out. The art is all so good in both these games, but I just don't think the game part feels good. I'll give it a bossfight + powerup more just to make sure it doesn't unlock something that changes the entire game. But yeah, might not finish this one either. T.T

Not too mad though, even if I don't like it, 20 is not a big deal to toss their way. At least they are doing their own thing and making it look real nice. No regrets ~

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I've only put about twenty minutes in now, and I'm liking the feel a lot. The only issue so far is that the game has some lag which is surprising, and the loading times aren't great. The simple act of dodging and attacking is fun, even if it isn't deep.

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@ntm: Lag, like input delay? Or FPS drops? I didn't notice any of that. The game ran perfectly smooth for me. You could try turning off V-sync maybe.

Swinging the sword and jumping feels fine, I just don't like the combat encounters being swarms of enemies clusterfucking up on you. For the amount of stuff I'm fighting, I really would like to have more combat options than just X X X X X, or to make them more designed instead of random. But eh, I'll play some more later like I said. Hopefully gonna unlock more combat stuff.

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@tobbrobb: Playing on PS4. I mean the frame rate isn't always smooth, and it can downright pause for a second at times. I know, I kind of used a term that describes slow online. I'm going to ask if they have a fix planned on their Facebook page. The game actually quit on me three times in the three hours I've played it when it was about to load, and the loads aren't good. Now I'm always worried the game will stop and bring up an error on the PS4, but at least the game saves and I lose no progress. I have little issue with the lack of combos as it's about thinking fast and attacking enemies depending on where they move and are. It's crazy how fast the game becomes second nature, so often times the number of enemies is a non-issue as I feel super skilled at what I'm doing, but it's thanks to the controls, character maneuverability and abilities.

It also feels really good to get 5000 points, surviving that long, then dying eventually and spending all those points. The game is kind of easy for that reason. A very negligible 'issue' I might say is that the game is mostly reward, reward, reward. I'm not seeing much risk. I mean, the bosses can be tough (okay, I haven't fought any of the main bosses yet. I'm on the third one for this first area), but there isn't really any penalties other than going back to the upgrade area. I'm really liking it a lot, and I don't think the game lacks because it isn't about using multiple combos; it's not about that. I just wish they would update the game at some point before I'm done going through it.

There's a perk you can get that allows for your stamina to refill 15% with each kill, while the downgrade is that your stamina won't fill after it's depleted for one more second than normal. It's a really good one since I can largely hack 'n slash my way through huge tough dudes since there are multiple small, one hit killed enemies surrounding them. I always try to go after the beam sentry guys first too. Once those guys are gone it's a bit easier to just hack away. I don't really use it, and I'm currently thinking that it'll be the last thing I upgrade unless that changes soon, but you can also use the cannon. To me, it's just not about combos because it's too hectic to even think about combos. It's about getting hits in and then evading at the best time. You can get the upper hand sometimes by jumping and then stomping down or doing the jump attack.

Shoot, now that I think about it, maybe upgrading the cannon would be a good idea because it'll just blast the multitude of enemies away so they're no longer a hindrance, and you won't even need to spend time dodging so much and using the sword.

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I dunno dude, Superbunnyhop's vid the other day unsold me on it.

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My initial thoughts on this game are that it could've be really cool if they had released just a little bit later. There's a lot to like, but the frame rate hitches quite frequently, the load times are capital A atrocious, and I've had the game crash twice in as many hours. Plus, I think they could do with some tuning on how the jump feels - it's way too floaty and has this weird way it suddenly adds momentum to the ends of your jumps. It feels bad, which is too bad because I think the rest of the game really feels pretty good.

If they'd spent another couple of weeks it might have been something special. And it might still be if they patch out some of the issues, but I'm worried that by that point I'll have moved on to other games.

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@therealturk: I had mentioned the issue to them on the Facebook page. I don't know if you're playing the PS4 version as well, but even if you aren't, they responded to my comment and said this:

"Hey, we're glad you're enjoying the experience (mostly) but very sorry about the PS4 version's instability! We are well aware of the problems you're experiencing: the PS4 build has unfortunately seen varying levels of frame drops, occasional crashes, and too-long loading times. The good news is that we're isolating the problems and will be stringently testing the fixes we've made to make sure that the upcoming update makes the game as perfect as possible. We're aiming to be live early next week. Until then, we thank you for your patience and support! Cheers!"

@dudeglove: Yeah, just watched his review (first time I've watched any of his reviews). I can't really disagree with his review, but it's not so much a real issue as it is a personal opinion. What they made, in my opinion, was done well. In his review, he made it seem like he didn't know what he was actually getting into when the game was pretty clear from the get-go as to what it is. It's a challenging, mostly mindful button masher that wants you to move quickly; not a Souls-like game. The game doesn't always have enemies, but it's true that there is a lack of quiet time where it's just you roaming into a new room that you discovered. I do agree though that the environments are kind of bland other than the good looking art, and the only reason to explore them is to further extend your abilities and to fight guys to upgrade. Everything is about fighting and upgrading basically and then progressing onto the bosses/new areas. To me, it's satisfying at what it is trying to do. The things it doesn't do are not a big issue to me.

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Its pretty good! Its easy to hear the premise and see the art and expect more of a Souls-like game when its really more of a straight beat em up/platformer. I do wish it allowed more downtime, and think the procedural generation part is sort of unnecessary. Overall, I like it, and will probably finish it.

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@dinosaurcanada: I agree with that. I mean, I'm fine with the way the enemies randomly spawn wherever, but I don't see the need for the stages to be placed differently. I mean, I believe I know why they did it, but I don't think it was necessary to convey what they were trying to create. I think understanding what you're getting into with this game and knowing that you're going to be bombarded with enemies, and finding the right time to be in the mood for that kind of thing is important. The game is about how insane it gets, that's also why I think the stages are placed procedurally, so it can make you feel like you're losing you mind. It's about you finding your way through the ever changing map as enemies relentlessly come after you, always trying to keep you on your toes.

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I bought the game right away after watching the Quick Look. Been having some issues with the hitching and crashing (though luckily it only crashes when I die, so im not losing any progress). Other than that tho, i'm really enjoying the game. I highly recommend investing in Luck whenever you can as the droprates of shards was my #1 gripe in the early game.

Taking a break right now to watch UPF but will def jump back on it when im done.

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@ntm: I'm not too deep in so the story hasn't really unraveled yet, but I got the feeling of "wait, I swear I came down here before, how come the level is so different?" even while knowing it was procedurally generated. Its really subtle about it, to the point where if you didn't know the levels were selected in front of you, I could see you not really noticing they were after the first few deaths. That's a really cool idea and a cool feeling to try and convey without being too overt about it by doing shit like flashing lights and random loud noises.

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I discovered that yes, there are moments that will continuously spawn enemies, but that's actually not some glitch, it's a location that has a perk at the end of it, so it wants to you dodge incoming attacks as you book it to the perk.

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I've been enjoying it, but I think it starts you at a pretty low power level overall and makes you grind your way up to be able to beat some situations. Maybe I'm just bad at the game, but the game throws such large waves at you sometimes that I feel you need a certain amount of shield/health/regen to get through it.

I ended up giving myself 15000 shards with Cheatengine once I beat the first two minibosses and felt the need to grind, and it made the game way more fun. I am still having some challenges but it gave me a nice boost. I've had many runs already where I've come back with 7000 shards anyway, so I don't think I boosted that far ahead. If there's another grinding wall I'll do it again, but otherwise I'm about 4 hours in and the progression feels good.

It definitely scratches an itch I've had for a metroidvania style game with upgrades. I'm one miniboss into the second area and going strong so I think I'll end up finishing it. I really like the fact that there are no penalties and you can just pick a door as your goal and go for it. Worst case, you die and spend your shards.

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Played through this after watching a few mins of the QL. I enjoyed it overall! They were definitely going for a particular style of gameplay and I think it worked out well. The movement on the character is spot-on which is what makes-or-breaks games like this for me.

The procedural generation was not much of a factor except for some of the "endless horde" sections where it served to add some difficulty. I think they could have done more with this, but it didn't really get in the way at all.

The game is a bit light on content / abilities if you compare to typical Metroidvania. It's a concise experience. It seems they were a bit constrained by story reasons as to what weapons you could get. However, I found the various perks and upgrades were well-thought out and accommodate a pretty wide range of playstyles.

I only played through on Normal. I actually started on Hard but it was pretty crazy; maybe I'll give that another shot now that I understand the game better & also since they've patched to limit how damage from multiple sources can stack.

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I want to love this game, but so far I really don't enjoy the combat whatsoever. Hanging in there in hopes that it clicks for me because it's right in my wheelhouse.

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Taking the corruption path makes the normal upgrades kind of underwhelming in the third area. It feels weird how viable the strategy of constantly running away to objectives is.

This game is ok. I don't love or hate it.

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Alright, so I finished it... The game is really disappointing. I didn't have issues for aspects others had mentioned, but the expectation of something better in terms of stage design and bosses really disappointed me. The combat and abilities you get are fine, but the game just delves far into the territory of button mashing, hack and slash soon into the game when you start upgrading. While I didn't really want a longer game (the game took me thirteen hours), I wanted more stages and more bosses. I wished the stages had more varied challenges that gave them character. Furthermore, I don't really know why they even went with multiple endings as the story is predictable and not engaging. The whole choose whether to embrace or resist was just a way of saying 'how hard do you want this to be?' So I totally went with what's more fun and embraced everyone but one.

I think the game controlled really well and looked good aside from the lack of variety. I believe they could have done better by making it more akin to Dark Souls honestly, where there's more reward in fighting guys, and not just throwing hordes at you for you to then just die and upgrade. There wasn't a lot of risk in it honestly as it was just about going back to upgrade. I would have gone with fewer enemies but tougher, and the requirement to venture back to upgrade and lose all experience if you die. That might be punishing, but it just depends on how it's done. Jotun, their previous game, despite it's deliberately slower paced gameplay was superior in just about every way. It's worst aspect is that it's short, and it also didn't have an engaging story. I know I defended Sundered in previous comments, and I'd stick to what I said about those aspects for the most part, but still... I am really disappointed. Also, the credits are long! I just finished it and it's still going.

It's, unfortunately, a game I'm glad to move on from and play something else.

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