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A popular flower with bright yellow petals that are akin to the bright yellow rays of the sun. A common flower found in most regions of the world. Often found growing in the wild and on farms. The black seeds it produces are a popular snacks among children and baseball players. Sunflower seed oil is perhaps the most valuable by product of the sunflower.

Sunflowers in video games range from items to characters and have many different uses.

Plants Vs. Zombies

The Sunflower Plant from Plants Vs. Zombies
The Sunflower Plant from Plants Vs. Zombies

In Plants Vs. Zombies the sunflower is one of the sources of sunlight. The sunlight from the sunflower is the currency used in the game for planting more plants. The sunflower has to offensive attacks.

Sun Production: Normal

Sun Cost: 50

Recharge: Fast

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Mrs. Sunflower in Conkers Bad Fur Day
Mrs. Sunflower in Conkers Bad Fur Day

The Sunflower in Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of the characters that the player will come across in the course of the story mode. The Sunflower is a large breasted female flower which Mr. Bee left his wife for. The players goal is to bring five swarms of "tickly bees" over to the sunflower.


Sunflowers in Farmville
Sunflowers in Farmville

The Sunflowers in Farmville are one of the many crops available for the player to plant.

Sells for: 315 coins

Harvest Time: 1 Day

Experience Gained From Harvesting: 2

Cost to Plant: 135 Coins

World of Warcraft

Brazie's Sunflower
Brazie's Sunflower

World of Warcraft features sunflowers as part of a questline entitled "Lawn of the Dead". Lawn of the Dead is inspired by the Popcap game Plants Vs. Zombies. These sunflowers are used in much the same way they are used in Plants Vs. Zombies.

There is also a sunflower companion summon called Brazie's Sunflower. Brazie's Sunflower will sing at random times.

Peggle Series

Tula the Sunflower in Peggle.
Tula the Sunflower in Peggle.

Tula is one of the peggle institute members that the player will play as in the Peggle series. Tula has appeared in many Peggle games.

Special Power - Flower Power

Tula's Flower Power special power will light up one fifth of the orange pegs left on the field.

Unique Style Point Move - Petal to the Metal

In order to obtain the special point bonus Petal to the Metal, the player must hit both of the green pegs on the board in a single shot.

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