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"Cheyenne stay."

Not much is known about Sunny Smiles, other than she is the town guard of Goodsprings and very proud of it. She is also a seasoned hunter, predominantly Geckos and wolves, and appears to be the food provider for the town. Sunny often patrols the water supply area of Goodsprings (and you get to help her do this as part of the tutorial quest) and should the need arise she is on hand to defend the town with her life.

Accompanying her is her guard dog Cheyenne, who is fiercely loyal to Sunny and also a great fighter and hunter.

Helping The Courier

Sunny shows you the ropes and is the first available Companion in the game, if only for a short time. You'll acquire a Varmint Rifle from her for target practice which you are able to keep once you are done. After you've shown off your shooting skills, you can go with Sunny to the town's water supply and hunt some Geckos that are affecting the water. Finally sunny will teach you how to take care of yourself in the Wasteland in the form of cooking and crafting supplies.

After that it's your turn to help Sunny and Goodsprings; the town is about to be attacked by Powder Gangers, and straight away Sunny offers up her services in defense of the town.

Notable Information

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  • Sunny has the Toughness Perk: she is granted a 10% damage resistance against all attacks, in addition to the 6 Damage Threshold gain from her leather armor.
  • Sunny's character model is 95% shorter than the average NPC, making her unique.
  • You will lower your reputation with Goodsprings if you try and steal from Sunny.
  • If you ask her for any work that needs doing, Sunny will tell you to check out the old Schoolhouse, which contains a few good items as well as some Giant Mantids to fight.

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