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    Generally credited for creating the "hunting simulator" genre, Sunstorm Interactive is also known for their work on first-person shooter expansion packs.

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    In 1995, Anthony Campiti founded Sunstorm Interactive in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Sporting a total of six full-time employees, the developer started out developing the DOS-based Skunny franchise of side-scrolling platform games.  Soon, the developers would start working on Deer Hunter, the first 3D hunting simulator that spawned a large amount of sequels, spin-offs and knock offs.  While riding on the success of these budget titles, Sunstorm started working on third-party expansion packs to such popular 3D shooters as Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage and Blood.   
    After the success of the Deer Hunter franchise and developing some of the more endearing expansion packs (Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach), Sunstorm Interactive would then change offices and increase in size.  In 2002, they developed Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for 3D Realms, a side-scrolling action game returning to Duke Nukem's roots.  Unfortunately, the studio was shut down a year later in 2003 due to financial troubles and staffing difficulties.  Anthony Campiti still runs Sunstorm Interactive as a developer on games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 
    Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project was recently developed as a port for Xbox Live Arcade by 3D Realms and was released on June 23rd, 2010.


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