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    Super 17

    Character » appears in 17 games

    Another GT villain made with Android 17 merging with another #17 from the depths of Hell.

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    Super Android 17 is the fusion between the Android 17 (Android 17 lived alone in the woods) with the Android 17 from hell (the new android 17 was built by Dr.Geroand Dr Myuu). The fusion is successful, and Super Android 17 finally appears

    Super Android 17 has a huge power. Super 17 begins to fight against Vegeta,Gohan, Uub, Trunks and Goten (Goku was not present - Goku was trapped in Hell).

    After defeating the Z warriors easily, Super Android 17 also eliminates its creator - Dr.Gero. Goku returns from hell (with the help from Piccolo and Dende). Goku begins to fight against the Super 17 (Goku is transformed into Super Saiyan). Goku uses his best techniques, but Super 17 survives (Super Android 17 can absorb the energy (Ki) of their opponents).

    Goku decides to transform into Super Saiyan 4. Goku uses a powerful Kamehameha (Kamehameha increased 10). The irony is that the Kamehameha was absorbed by Super Android 17. After a hard battle, Super Android 17 defeats Goku. Super 17 was about to Kill Goku, but the Android 17 is hampered by theAndroid 18 (which stands in front of Goku). Even Super 17 has become a killing machine, he still had feelings. Super 17 could not attack.

    Android 18 uses Ki Blasts (Super Android 17 is absorbing energy, he can devote himself only to absorb energy, Super Android 17 is helpless to physical attacks). Goku begins to fly. (Goku goes in the direction of Super Android 17). Goku reaches the Android with the Fist of the Dragon. Goku destroyed the Super Android 17 with akamehameha - Super Android is finally destroyed.


    Super Android 17 is a fusion between two Androids. Super Android 17 has superhuman strength (the blows of Goku and Vegeta are inefficient (both Vegeta and Goku transformed into Super Saiyan). Super Android 17 has great speed and endurance


    The greater ability of Super Android 17 is the absorption of energy (more energy the Super 17 absorbs, more powerful Android 17 becomes ).

    Other skills: Ki Blast, Bukujutsu, Death Ball, Energy Field (a very powerful shield - it serves to protect).

    Weaknesses - Super Android 17 can absorb energy (Ki), but he has to devote himself to it, Super 17 becomes helpless to physical attacks.


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