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    Super A'Can

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    Funtech released the Super A'Can in Taiwan in 1995. Only 12 games were produced for the 16-bit console before it was scrapped.

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    Developed by Funtech (aka Dunhuang Technology, a subsidiary of semiconductor foundry UMC) and released exclusively in Taiwan in 1995, the Super A'Can is an obscure 16-bit console seemingly cobbled together from the ideas of other, more popular consoles. The system uses a Neo-Geo-esque dual-Motorola CPU setup that probably would have been really inventive were it not the dawn of the 32-bit era. Combine that with an "exorbitant" price-tag, and the system's fate was sealed at launch.

    Sadly, the system is only really notable for its dismal failure: Only 12 games were ever released, Funtech reportedly lost USD$6 million on the venture before being disbanded, and finding units and games second-hand can be extremely difficult.

    Technical Specifications

    • Main CPU: Motorola 68000 at 10.6Mhz
    • Sub CPU: Motorola 6502 at 3.58Mhz
    • Main System RAM: 64kb
    • Sub System RAM: 32kb
    • VRAM: 128kb
    • UMC Custom Chips: UM6618 (background and animation processor), UM6619 (music and audio processor, peripheral control)
    • Display: 320x240 with up to four background layers and 256 colours (from a pallete of 32768) plus effects like zooming, rotating, mosaic etc.
    • Sound: 16-track PCM
    • Cartridges: Maximum size of 112mb, with built-in SRAM between 16-64kb.

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