Bandits, Time Travel, Unicorns & Such

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Having seen the quick look and been immediately sold on this $1.00 game (okay, 80 Microsoft bullshit space dollars... can we please do away with those next gen?), I have to say it's worth it completely. I'm curious about experiences everyone else has had playing Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. Anything that's totally blown your mind or just made you laugh out loud? The unicorn sequence totally did it for me (if you've played it, you know how it ends and if you haven't, I won't spoil the awesomeness of it).

The strangest thing that's happened to me is that the intense violence that is described every time you die is one of the most hilarious and horrifying parts of the game. Try to understand what I'm saying there; The pixelated bloody human and animal explosions don't bother me, it's the simple black text that describes your party member's horrific deaths that I find funniest/most disturbing. Anyone else?

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I agree about the death text. I was actually trying to search for a list of the texts online to read all the variables, but couldn't find one. I find myself dying at certain parts JUST to see what the death text would be (Like the Mushroom acid trip scene)

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Have you made it the glitch scene before? I just got it and died in it so I have no idea where it was headed.

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@Phoenix654: You unlock the "Glitch" wagon. And yeah, the death texts are REALLY graphic for some of them (the giant scorpions in particular). I think a LOT of the comedy is derived from the fact that there's no "inflection" in the descriptive text. It all just ends with a period, no exclamation, no ellipses, NO TONE is conveyed and when you're battling through a volcanic eruption, that is hysterical.

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FYI, you cant find all those three things, plus a lot more here...

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@Undeadpool: Haven't seen the giant scorpions OR the volcano yet.... holy shit there's a lot to this game... And I agree completely, the lack of tone, the utter factual nature of the intensely graphic things that happen to you is what makes it work.

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I think I've now seen just about everything in the game. I have all the random encounter wagons (Only ones I'm missing is getting to the end with all 3, getting all gold stars in survival, and the 50 days in Shuffle).

Have to say my favorite is still the mushroom scene. The text saying that your character is facing their inner demons and then the wagon you get from it being from "self discovery" is great.

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