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    Super Battletank 2

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released January 1994

    A first-person tank simulator and the third game in Garry Kitchen's Battletank franchise.

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    Super Battletank 2 is the third game in the Battletank franchise, a series of tank simulators often featuring the name of Absolute Entertainment's head designer Garry Kitchen. Super Battletank 2 puts the player in the cockpit of a M1A2 Battletank as they complete missions across the Middle East. The player is required to use their map and their assorted weapons to remove threats on the ground or in the air. The tank can also deploy smokescreens to elude enemy radar, and the player can also summon a finite number of air drops and air strikes per mission.

    Super Battletank 2 was a Super Nintendo exclusive. It was released in the US, Japan and Europe in 1994. Absolute Entertainment published the game in US and Europe, while Pack-In-Video published the game in Japan.


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