Multiplayer Battle Arenas

Arena 1 - Usual.
No special conditions.
Arena 2 - Slippery Tunnel.
Players will slip across the frictionless ice floors. There are also six warp holes - falling into one randomly teleports the player to one of the five others.
Arena 3 - Oshikura Manjuu.
Players can no longer pass through each other, instead they push against one another when met. The screen also wraps around vertically, similarly to Pac-Man, so players can go up and appear at the bottom of the screen.
Arena 4 - Oil Shock.
There's an oil trench that circles around the center of the arena. If any errant bomb blast hits the trench, the entire trench flames up, eliminating anyone standing in it.
Arena 5 - Secret Flower Zone.
This area has obfuscating awnings that block the player from seeing what's happening underneath. Furthermore, there are spots on the arena which will maximize the strength of the bomb blasts of bombs placed on them.
Arena 6 - Chocolate Warp Stage.
There are two pairs of warp zones, colored red and blue, which link to each other. Bombers can walk through the warp zones, or they can kick bombs through.
Arena 7 - B-1 Circuit.
This unusual stage has only one "soft block" - blocks that are destroyed for items - so players must fight over it. The soft block will regenerate each time it is destroyed. Also, there are "Speed Change Panels" which either speed up or slow down any Bombers that pass over them, as well as a "Pause Panel" in the center which stops Bombers dead in their tracks for a few seconds.
Arena 8 - Conveyor Belt.
This stage has a ring around the center that makes anything placed on them move either clockwise or counter-clockwise around the center. The direction and speed of the conveyor belt can be changed with two buttons in the center of the arena.
Arena 9 - Curve Bomb.
This arena is littered with arrows which redirect kicked bombs sent towards them. It can be hard to judge where a kicked bomb might end up.
Arena 10 - Matango Jump.
This forested stage has mushrooms for soft blocks. Players can jump at any time with the Y button, passing over one block. If they land on a mushroom, they will bounce off and jump one more space in that direction.
Arena 11 - Gin Gin Deathmatch.
One of two "secret arenas", activated by repeatedly pressing the X button for six seconds on the title screen, is an item-less (besides one Skull virus) arena that resembles a wrestling ring.
Players are fully powered-up, making this a direct deathmatch. They can also launch themselves off the ropes surrounding the arena for short bursts of invincibility.
Arena 12 - Boyoyon Jump.
Another secret arena, activated the same way as Gin Gin Deathmatch. The players must be wary of trampolines and "Crystal Blocks", which operate like land-mines.

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