Super Bomberman 4

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Apr 26, 1996

    The fourth SNES game in Hudson's explosive multiplayer series sends White Bomber and Black Bomber hurtling through time.

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    Super Bomberman 4 is the fourth game in the Bomberman series to be released for the Super Famicom and the first to never leave Japan. While it was never officially localized by Hudson, it did see a fan translation in 2016.

    The plot of the game sees the antagonist of Super Bomberman 3, Bagular, revive himself and attack White Bomber and Black Bomber by sending them through a time portal. The duo must work their way through various time eras and Bagular's minions to return home.

    Super Bomberman 4 retains the mounts from the previous game, which allow the Bombers to ride animals for additional defense and enhanced mobility by collecting eggs. Similar to its predecessors, the game features a single-player (or two-player co-operative) story mode and a configurable five-player battle mode.


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