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Super Bowling is a bowling game for the Super Nintendo from KID Corp. that was released in the US and Japan. Up to four human players can compete in two distinct modes: Turkey Bowl and Golf. The game uses a system similar to those seen in golf sims in which the player has to stop a moving icon to accurately aim the ball and apply enough power behind the throw. The player can also change their position to compensate for their aim/power during this process.

Turkey Bowling

In Turkey Bowling, the players take it in turn to play three lanes of bowling. The highest score after every player has taken their turn wins the round. The name refers to the fact that the maximum possible score is three strikes, or a turkey.


In Golf, players take it in turn to play each "hole". A hole is a specific assortment of pins (such as a 7-10 split) and a specific number of throws with which to knock down all the pins. Using only the indicated number of throws is a "par", with other golfing scores (e.g. "birdie" for one throw fewer, "bogey" for one throw over) applying as appropriate. The winner is the person with the lowest overall score.


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