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Super Chinese Fighter is a one-on-one fighter game for the Super Famicom and the first of a series of three fighter games based on the Super Chinese franchise from Culture Brain. The narrative of the game follows that of Super Chinese World 2, where extraterrestrial martial arts continue to be a threat to twin protagonists Jack and Ryu and their friends Poi and Lin-Lin.

In the adventure mode, Lin-Lin is captured by Kyonkyonshi, a jiang shi, and the two brothers are forced to rescue her. This mode punctuates story scenes with fights against CPU opponents, and also allows the player to acquire consumable items and use them where necessary.

The game also has a survival "Circuit" mode and the standard human vs. human Versus mode.


The game has a total of sixteen playable characters. Only the twins, Jack and Ryu, are playable in the Adventure mode. Twelve more are available in the Versus mode, and the remaining two are boss characters which can be unlocked for the Versus mode with a secret code (A, X, Y, B, A, Select, Start).

  • Jack (formerly Jacky): The red-garbed twin. The main duo fight like Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter franchise: there are a few significant differences for fighter veterans, but for new players are fairly interchangeable.
  • Ryu (formerly Lee): The blue-garbed twin.
  • Lin-Lin: A female combatant and a friend to Jack and Ryu.
  • Poi: Lin-Lin's father and a capable martial artist.
  • Bokuchin: A living doll wearing traditional Chinese garb. Bokuchin was later added to the roster of SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu, a N64 entry in Culture Brain's other big franchise Flying Dragon.
  • Genjirou: A Japanese samurai who keeps one arm out of the sleeve of his kimono in the movie ronin style.
  • Kyonkyonshi: A kyonshi, or jiang shi, a hopping vampire of Chinese folklore.
  • Shubaban: An imposing figure in full black samurai armor.
  • Chabane: A beast-like oni warrior.
  • Don Chuka: A portly Chinese chef who fights with cooking utensils and noodles.
  • Kamanchai: An anthropomorphic praying mantis.
  • Robo no Hana: I.e. "Robot of Flowers". An enormous mechanical sumo wrestler. Like Bokuchin, he would later appear in Flying Dragon games.
  • Gou Fire: A burly brawler with flame-like hair. Would also appear in Flying Dragon games.
  • Astro Joe: A boxer with a few explosive tricks up his sleeves.
  • Nyannyan: One of the two unlockable boss characters. A quick feline warrior in tai-chi garb.
  • Gingaramao: One of the two unlockable boss characters. An enormous oni that controls lightning and has a demonic eye in his stomach.


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