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    Super Collapse!

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1998

    A late-'90s, early-2000's computer variation of the "SameGame" puzzle genre, with a board that replenishes itself with rows rising from the floor.

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    Collapse! is a puzzle game developed and released by GameHouse for online browsers in late 1998. It later received a premium digital release for the PC sometime in 2001 under the name Super Collapse!

    A variation of the "SameGame" puzzle genre, Collapse tasks players with clicking groups of three-or-more edge-connected blocks of the same color to clear them, with the 12×15 playfield replenishing by having rows of blocks rise from the floor.

    The Super release of the game updates the graphics and soundtrack while adding some new gameplay features (such as bonus levels and the ability to start at later levels). The game received multiple sequels throughout the 2000's, beginning with Super Collapse! II and including the licensed spin-off SpongeBob SquarePants Collapse!


    The goal of Collapse is to complete each Level by surviving a set amount of "lines" of blocks added regularly to the 12×15 playfield, with the game ending once a block tops out. Blocks can only be removed in groups of three-or-more, edge-connected, same-color. It is a mouse-based game, utilizing only left-clicks to remove these groups.

    Appearing at random among the colored blocks are different-colored bombs that detonate when clicked, either destroying all blocks of the same color (red, blue, green, white) or destroying the surrounding blocks (black).

    As players progress through each Level, lines appear in a faster rate and players have to survive more lines . In addition, the first three Levels use three colors (red, blue, and green), while every Level afterwards uses four (adding white). When each Level ends, players are given bonus points based on how empty the playfield is, and then the board is reset. Players are also given bonus points each time they clear the board.

    In the Super version, Bonus Levels are added that tasks players with clearing a full board in a limited time.


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