Super Exploding Zoo

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 02, 2015

    Action puzzle game where the player must use his herds of explosive animals to protect an egg from hungry alien invaders.

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    Honeyslug, the makers of Hohokum and Frobisher Says, return to the Vita with and an equally colorful and off-the-wall experience.

    The player starts off as a explosive penguin within the zoo tasked with protecting a tiny egg from giant aliens. To help in this, the player-penguin moves around the map collecting other animals, penguins at first and other species as they progress through the levels. Strangely, the aliens completely ignore everything but the egg and cannot damage the zoo herd.

    Each animal has a different amount of damage which their one-time self-combustion depletes from a single alien.While some species have special abilities, such as the crocodiles ability to become a bridge in water or the monkey's climb, all have the ability to explode. The player must use caution as expending heavy-hitting species may also gate off areas of the map only accessible by those species' special abilities.

    Each level ends when a) all aliens are killed b) the egg is eaten or c) the player runs out of useable zoo creatures through either detonation or misuse of special abilities.


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