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Super Glove Ball is a game made by Mattel in 1990 for the NES, specifically designed to be played with the Power Glove controller. However, it can also be played with a standard NES controller. It came packaged with the Power Glove. Super Glove Ball is a 3D style game inspired by ball-and-paddle games, such as Arkanoid or Breakout. Your hand-shaped shuttle has been trapped in a dimensional maze in space, and you must use the Power Glove to throw an energy ball at the walls in order to advance. The walls in each maze room you encounter are filled with blocks. Using your Power Glove, you have to entirely break down a wall before being allowed to advance to the next room. Whiile trying to progress through the maze, your character will be under attack by a range of creature, and a wizard who wants to mess with your work. The object for the player is to find the way out of the maze and rescue the Commander.

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