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Minimalistic hypnotical game that gets you in a trance once you concentrate enough to atually last more than 5 seconds of gameplay. The music that accompanies the game fits right in and helps you to beat the closing hexagons that you have to avoid.

You use only your left and right keys to move your triangle that rotates around a central hexagon finding the gap to avoid collision with the closing parts. The game has a really fast turnaround time and most games don't last much more than 20 seconds. But you can start again immediately so you don't lose your feeling. Great game, just great fun!

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    Beautiful Frustration 0

    Super Hexagon is a great game. It's one that will make you rage and think that it's impossible, on only the second level. This game is truly one of the hardest games I have every played, and that made completing it all the sweeter. For me I was able to beat the first 5 levels in less than 10 hours, the last level alone though took 20+. Be prepared to grind, and truly hate this game at times, but for the price you'll pay it's definitely worth it....

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