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    Super Joe

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    The protagonist of, and a key figure in, the universe of Commando and Bionic Commando. He is renowned as a war hero because of his combined efforts with Nathan Spencer during the takedown of the Albatross.

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    Super Joe is a super soldier and the protagonist of the following series:


    Joseph "Super Joe" Gibson began his career as a military contractor for a private group called the MERCS. His leadership abilities and pinpoint attention to detail had earned him the nickname "The Supervisor." This caught the attention of an organization called the TASC. Joe eventually joined the organization and started off as a field agent; due to his exceptional intelligence-gathering abilities, Joe soon became the top operative in the field of espionage and tactical sabotage. Joe was also involved in the development of bionics from the beginning. When the Imperials began their attack on the FSA, Joe was sent behind enemy lines to investigate the threat but his mission was compromised due to being captured by the Imperials.

    Super Joe, as seen in Bionic Commando (NES)
    Super Joe, as seen in Bionic Commando (NES)

    Due to the fragile nature of the information that Joe had gathered from the Imperials, the TASC had to rescue Joe before the information fell into the Imperials' hands. Joe was eventually rescued by Nathan Spencer and both of them moved on and destroyed the Albatross.The Imperial threat came to an end and Joe returned to the TASC and was promoted to director of the entire TASC organization.

    After witnessing the first-hand success of his bionic comrade Nathan Spencer, Joe expanded the entire bionics program, enlisting tons of new soldiers and turning them into "bionic commandos".

    Soon the public's opinion of these "bionic commandos" changed and Joe soon found himself defending the technology that he expanded in the first place. However, in this power struggle Joe was unable to help his friend Nathan Spencer, who was accused of treason and then sentenced to death.


    When the Bionic Purge occurred and outlawed bionic technology, most of the power of the TASC was lost. After the bombing on Ascension City, the success of Spencer's latest infiltration mission is also Joe's best chance at redemption.


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