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Super Mahjong Taikai ("Taikai" means "tournament" or "competition") is a mahjong game published by KOEI for the Super Famicom (SNES) and PC Engine CD-ROM (TurboGrafx CD) platforms. It is part of Koei's ongoing series of Mahjong Taikai games, which began with Mahjong Taikai for the NEC PC-9801 and Famicom. Unlike many early Mahjong games, Super Mahjong Taikai supports three CPU opponents rather than the truncated one-vs-one format that was an unfortunate necessity due to a lack of computing power.

The Taikai games feature many odd characters as CPU opponents, often taken from Koei's strategic simulation games. For instance, Napoleon and Nobunaga Oda are selectable CPU opponents.


Super Mahjong Taikai (soundtrack)

Super Mahjong Taikai (japanese wikipedia)

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