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Super Mario 3D Land Review 1

Mario is back in his old school style, and his desire to rescue the Princess from the clutches of Bowser. You will have to fight your way through levels upon levels that will have you remembering the good old days of Super Mario World 3, except this time it's in 3D and there's a little extra depth to the actual levels.Graphically this is the first game that I really liked in 3D, so I left the 3D ability on the 3DS while I played through almost all the levels. There is some serious variety in the...

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All in good taste. 0

Oh, PETA. I ironically love you guys so much. Not because I agree wholeheartedly with your beliefs. I can only do so much to defend animal rights with a Slim Jim in one hand and a fly-swatter in the other. But your oft-irrat attacks against unknowing targets serve more to assist your victims than harm. The “Tofu Boy” debacle from last year wound up giving the independently produced Super Meat Boy some much-wanted extra sales and an ingenious parody for St...

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Review: Super Mario 3D Land 0

In opposition to the growing concern that Nintendo has lost its way, I'm of the opinion that the Mario series, speaking specifically of the proper console platformers, has improved with each iteration. If I were to list my favourite Mario games in order, my list would be topped by Super Mario Galaxy 2, and bottom out at the original Super Mario Bros.In Galaxy 2, I saw Nintendo's most earnest and ambitious attempt at capturing what the Mario series has always been about- the joy of movement. The ...

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Just that good old charm 0

Playing Super Mario Land 3D turned out to be more of a treat than I thought it would be. Maybe it was because I didn't really have much of an expectation for it other than the stuff that I knew was gonna be guaranteed; it was gonna be Mario, with the usual jumping mechanics, including the run crawl jump that is so famously used in a lot of speed-runs videos of the old classic 64 title you may see on the internet. If you've played a 3D Mario game before nothing in this game should be much of a s...

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I has some fun, but also got bored 0

It took me a while to figure out if I was going to give this game a 3 or 4 star review. I gave it a 3 star based on the following. I would only recommend this game if you are a big Mario fan.Pros:Game has amazing 3D visualThe early levels were at the right difficultyThe StreetPass function with this game is goodThe level layouts were cool, and setup in a fun way Cons:The game had one too many worlds, I think this game was longer and should have ended soonerThe bonus levels (if you get all of th...

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Mario leaps into the third dimension. 0

Super Mario 3D Land may be the first game to truly replicate the feel of the original side-scrolling Mario games in three dimensions. Super Mario 64 was more of an adventure game, Super Mario Sunshine refined these adventure game elements but at the same time brought the series closer to the original platformers, and the Mario Galaxy series almost brought the series all the way back to its roots, only with the strange gravity-centered gameplay. In Super Mario 3D Land however, you're tasked with ...

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Super Mario 3D Land Review: The Third Dimension 0

The Nintendo 3DS was in serious difficulty quite soon after its release, with a lack of games available for it and sales falling well below expectations. Nintendo went to the series that has always come good for them in order to save their flagging new hand held console, Mario, and once again Mario came good for Nintendo. Super Mario 3D Land is the flagship title for the 3DS, being the title that I would point towards if asked what game is the centre piece of the 3DS library at the moment. Despi...

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Super Mario 3D Land Review 0

The Nintendo 3DS has a few, good games to play. But the problem is that they’re all remakes of M64 titles. Super Mario 3D Land is an excellent, brand spanking new adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom that shows off 3D gaming like never before.3D Land doesn’t incorporate anything new in terms of level progression and storyline, as the premise of the game is to go through eight linear worlds, beating them one by one. Once you’ve beaten the last world, you’ve saved the princess from the clutches of Bo...

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A Strong Case For The 3DS, But Not For 3D 0

Super Mario 3D Land is the game that should have launched alongside the 3DS. Unlike the rest of the games on the platform, it is of indisputably high quality and makes good use of the system's 3D capabilities. Although 3D Land falls a bit shy of the Galaxy games with which it shares a pedigree, it's still one of the most innovative and polished platformers on the market, to such an extent that it's almost worth buying the floundering platform just to play it.Many environments appear 2D at firstT...

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One of the best Mario games in years. 0

The 3DS's gaming catalog has been rather thin since it's launch, the games that launched along side it were not hot bangers and in the months to come there really was nothing. The only notable releases were Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64, which were both remakes of N64 games. Super Mario 3D Land is at last here and I am happy to tell you that Super Mario 3D Land is not just the best 3DS game so far, but is one of the best Mario games I have played in years.That is a bold statement, especially w...

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Because you gotta have the plumber wherever you may go. 0

You can always count on Mario delivering the goods, at least it seems. Nintendo has been one disgusting company for quite a while now, releasing obnoxious games in a landslide, but Mario is Mario, you can't miss it. Lackluster spin-offs and a few disappointments here and there aren't enough to scratch the plumber's credibility. The formula is so carved in stone it's almost impossible to screw up; still, Nintendo has a way of striving for the new whilst retaining key features.As most of us probab...

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Landing the Big One 0

After a mediocre eight months on the market, the 3DS finally received its first of many supposed kill apps in Super Mario 3D Land. It finally feels that there’s a reason to play Nintendo’s latest hardware offering, because every time I fired up a level in Mario, I couldn’t help but smile at its pleasantness, its ingenuity, and its quirkiness. 3D Land really is a joy to play and, like all mainline Mario games, is the purest definition of video game fun for a list of reasons.The most noticeable th...

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Mario made that jump into the new ERA. 0

Originally written 11-15-11King Koopa (Bowser) is at it again. The villain kidnaps Princess Peach and it's up to the super plumber to save her. -summaryThe Super Mario franchise might be the only series of games to re-use the exact same story over and over and get away with it. There would be some small details tossed out there, but it's still the same old story. So why people seem to never get bored of it? Well, it's the game play. I will admit, I did take a hiatus from the Mario games for a v...

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Great Portable Mario 0

Going into a 3D Mario game like Super Mario 3D Land, you might be expecting something along the lines of Super Mario Galaxy. Going in with that mentality probably will leave you disappointed, but not disappointed to say that Super Mario 3D Land isn't a great game, on the contrary, it's a great game, and a great portable game at that.Super Mario 3D Land of course has some standards it needs to adhere to as a Mario game. The princess is kidnapped. There are levels to go through, and you have to be...

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Solid Game, worth the money 0

So I went into this game with pretty good expectations, and I wasn't let down. The levels are creative, and definitely pick up towards the end. One of the most impressive levels in the game was actually the last bowser fight. The game did an excellent job at raising your heart rate, while never frustrating you to the point of quitting. As my first 3DS game I'm definitely not disappointed....

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Bringing Mario Back 0

Considering that mainstream Mario games are always a big deal when they come out, I had to go and get this one. The truth: it's a good game, but it might disappoint. Considering eight special worlds after Bowser's defeat, the game has excellent replay value. The controls are simple enough for a preschooler, the story, though almost nonexistent is easy to grasp, and anyone who has never played a Mario game before (hopefully there aren't too many of you) should be able jump right in to this game. ...

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