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Classic game ready to be played anywhere! 0

Super Mario 64 DS is a decent port of one of the most classic games of all time, Super Mario 64, originally for Nintendo 64, and it was well done considering all. The main complain about the game are the controls, of course Super Mario 64 had the analog stick which made possible not only a full command over Mario's movements, but one of the best examples of freedom in a game, and even though that was just the beginning of fully 3D environments, and a lot was yet to come, it's still a game where...

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The game that single-handedly changed the platform genre. 0

Mario 64 is undoubtedly one of the greatest games of all time; you would find few people who would argue. Back in 1996 when the original game was released it took the gaming world by storm, just like the original Mario games did; it completely changed the way we played platformers. Everyone I’ve met who played Mario 64 still remembers where they were when they first played it, who they were with when they beat Bowser for the first time and how they felt when they collected every star and blasted...

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Epicly Ball Grabbing 0

Every once in a great while a game comes along which captivates its players to no end, and when the end is over, continues to hold them. Seldom is this game an old quasi remake/port. However, Mario 64 DS is such a game. If you asked me around this time a little over ten years ago if I would ever be captivated my Mario 64 again, as I had finally finished collecting all 120 stars in January of 1997, my answer would probably have been a very strict “no.” Yet here we are ten years later with that sa...

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Quadruple Wammy! 0

In 1996 the N64 was out, with it was the first, successful 3-D Mario. When it was out on the DS, people where going crazy. This is one of the games that made the DS the biggest and best-selling handheld in the world. This time you've got four people to play with, Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario and off course Mario. But you start off with Yoshi. The rest are captured by Bowser. You've got to save them all! Each player has different abilities. There is a box (like the wing hat) that'll unlock them. Mar...

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Great update of a classic, just with poor controls 0

Super Mario 64 was a revolutionary platformer, and in 2004 Nintendo hoped to successfully recreate it on their brand new handheld, the DS. And so SM64DS was born. This review is made to simply say how the DS game is different from the N64 game, and to say which I think is better, so here goes…One of the main differences in the DS game is the controls. There is a touch screen movement option, but it really doesn't work very well at all. Therefore you are stuck with using a control pad, which is a...

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Super Mario 64 DS 0

Super Mario 64 was probably one of the best games on the Nintendo 64, so when this game game out all the fans of the first game, were pumping with exitement at the thought of reliving there best ever gaming experiences on the go, was it as good as expected? If you were to ask me, no, but it was still a fun little game to have a good time with.Unlike the original version, you are able to play as not only Mario, but also Yoshi, Wario and Luigi, there is also 30 extra stars to be found and mini-gam...

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Super Mario 64 DS Review 0

Super Mario 64 in the palm of your hand, what more could you ask for. But is it better than the original?When you think of Mario you think of one of the best and most popular video game characters of all-time. Mario has had many amazing games and one of the best if not the best is Super Mario 64.Once hearing about Nintendo's new portable system and once hearing that they are making this classic game so you can play it anywhere, it makes you think that this will be one spectacular game. On the ot...

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