Should these Super Mario Advance games even get their own pages?

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I find that really strange.  It'd seem a lot easier to say on the SMB3 page that a slightly re-mixed version was released for the GBA.

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dcpc10 said:
"well, they ARE on completely separate platforms so i guess that warrants a game page, right?"
Not really, just add multiple releases on the game page, right?
Like how they do games that have Xbox 360 and PS3 releases.
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Well some of them have completely remade graphics & new modes, so I would say that constitutes a new page.

Sort of like how Rez HD, DMC3 Special Edition, and NGB all have their own pages.

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Its a tough one, they are basically ports, but there are slight differences, and some games do a similar thing, but have even bigger differences, would you do the same to them? If not, then where do you draw the line? which games get a page, and which don't? Personally I don't see why they shouldn't stay, they're not doing anyone any harm by being there.

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I understand your reasoning but virtual clone or not I think that these advance titles just qualify as games in their own right, it also makes it easier to find them if they have their own pages and their prominent impact on the GBA makes them games well worth documenting seperately.

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If you want to continue discussing whether or not these games should be merged, please do so in this thread.

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